Zenless Zone Zero: release date, beta, characters and all the details of the HoYoverse ARPG

The announcement of Zenless Zone Zero hyped studio fans miHoYo. Although the developers are involved in the constant advancement of their titles and still rejoice in the worldwide success that has been bestowed upon them Genshin Impact, they are not resting on their laurels. After a short and rather mysterious teaser phase, the Chinese company’s new video game was officially presented with a first trailer. Images that reveal much more than it seems and that are accompanied by many details about what awaits us.

Zenless Zone Zero: A Genshin Impact style video game

First, let’s see what this Zenless Zone Zero offers us in terms of playability. The new HoYoverse title has opted for the gameplay style that has worked best so far. We can consider his new game as the great legacy of Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact. There will be a lot of real-time action and a great variety of characters that we will surely get thanks to a system similar to that of Gashapons. In this sense, the game will offer us an experience very similar to what we already know.

Zenless Zone Zero

There will also be similarities in terms of how the title works. We can expect a good story to be told as we explore the world of New Eridu. It doesn’t aim to be such an expansive environment as in other titles, but it’s a much busier city that serves as a pretext to present the big novelties that will make the title unique. Zenless Zone Zero is inspired by the Persona saga by making us live an adventure shared between two parallel realities. We will live in a post-apocalyptic city, quite calm and peaceful, like a last resort. However, we must fight beings that threaten to destroy anything they find.

From what has been revealed about the game so far, there will be an alternate world that will prevail constantly changing dungeons and labyrinthine paths. To access it you have to walk Areas called “hollows”. These are dangerous places that appear out of nowhere where you will find Mutants named Ethereal. All of this will happen in an action-oriented combat style, where we’ll have a team of different characters fighting in real time. All in all, it looks like miHoYo took note of the passing events and community-favored game modes of their other titles to create a brand new video game around them.

All characters in Zenless Zone Zero

One of the details of the trailer that has not gone unnoticed is the number of characters, weapons and abilities that will be included in the game. The final details have not yet been revealed, but morea dozen unique heroes appeared in this first excerpt of sequences. The variety of weapons is also striking. There are swords, hammers, spears, rifles, circular saws, daggers and even a rocket launcher. With so many likely playstyles, players will be able to expand the possibilities beyond what miHoYo already offers us with their previously released titles.

Zenless Zone Zero

From what we currently know about the characters, it isthey form duos and that they have the “chance” to be accompanied by a little being who could act the same as Paimon in Genshin Impact. We’ll let you judge for yourself if this is an element that interests you or if the latter risks becoming heavy afterwards.

In any case, we leave you with a picture gallery of all the characters shown so far. We find there, for example, Nicole or Anby. To note that The latter seem to band together to be part of different factions the meaning of which has yet to be revealed in the game.

Zenless Zone Zero release date, platforms and closed beta

Until now, No release date has been announced for Zenless Zone Zero. However, it is very likely that the game will not be long in coming, even if we see it with Honkai Star Rail, there may still be a few months before a probable release. That doesn’t stop the studio from laying the groundwork ever sinceThey are already preparing the arrival of a closed beta, registration for which is open to all players. This will give some of you the chance to try out the game over the coming weeks.

There is also good news regarding the platforms the game will be available on. The beta is exclusive to PC and iOS users. However, miHoYo announced that Zenless Zone Zero will be available on more platforms in the future. It will certainly be released on Android and it will also be necessary to bet on the arrival of the PlayStation game. On the other hand, it will be less certain in relation to the Xbox consoles and the Switch, as we see that Genshin Impact is struggling to arrive on the Nintendo hybrid console and that it is not available on Microsoft’s ones.

minimum requirements

To be able to play on mobile devices or on PC, we need devices with the following characteristics:

  • iOS : iPhone 11 or later with iOS 10.0 or later, 4 GB RAM and 6 GB free storage space.
  • computer : Intel i5 or higher, Nvidia GTX 970 or equivalent, 8 GB RAM and 10 GB free disk space.
Zenless Zone Zero

Will there be a French version of Zenless Zone Zero?

Many players enjoy playing a game that understands the meaning of the sentences but also has a choice of voice acting. Some of you might want to see Zenless Zone Zero with a full French dub, why not, Re:Get that part behind you given the quality of their content on the Genshin Impact dub they had shown. At the moment it’s impossible to say if a VF will arrive in this new title, but definitely It is certain that we will still find French subtitles as is the case with Genshin Impact or Honkai Impact 3rd.

And with that ends our review of this next A-RPG that promises and that we hope will be able to surf to success by offering a rather interesting universe. We will therefore have to wait until we see more to draw any conclusions about Zenless Zone Zero, but we see a certain potential there that is not unpleasant.

mobile games

Hoyoverse has just unveiled one of its upcoming mobile titles, and it’s already possible to pre-register for it thanks to a simple method. If you want to join the beta, this is where it happens!

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