Trial period for Benjamin Mendy after a year of hell

A lengthy legal soap opera begins this Wednesday morning in Chester Court in England. Benjamin Mendy will appear in the English courts to answer the ten charges he is the subject of. The process is expected to take a little over a month.

The trial of Benjamin Mendy, scheduled for July 25, is finally opening in England. In the very small courtroom of Chester Court, Benjamin Mendy will take his place just after 11am (French time) on Wednesday morning. For the 28-year-old it is a crucial moment, the most important month of his life. Seven women, including a minor, accuse him of ten facts. Eight rapes, one attempted rape and one assault. The facts denounced by the alleged victims all took place between October 2018 and August 2021 at his large mansion in Prestbury, south of Manchester.

“It’s hot for him, the multitude of testimonies doesn’t speak for him,” confides a prominent Parisian lawyer. For six weeks, Benjamin Mendy has to speak out and try to make explanations and a defense in order to convince the judges. “The statement made by his attorney to persuade the judges will perhaps be the turning point of this trial,” the attorney continues. The debates will mainly revolve around the issue of consent. At the preliminary hearing, the 2018 world defender pleaded not guilty to the Blues.

Mendy failed his initial forensic review

These first days of trials must, above all, allow administrative acts to be carried out and the jury to be seated. From Monday August 15, the English judiciary will examine the merits of the case. Benjamin Mendy has been under judicial supervision since his release after 134 days in prison. The defender no longer has a passport and is obliged to report daily to the police station near his place of residence. A real life in the shadows for those used to nightclubs and lively evenings in the heart of their villa. The player is now stuck in his grand home south of Manchester. A few relatives are still by his side. The defender, suspended by Manchester City, still uses a few sporting or administrative opportunities to get some fresh air away from home.

In the first movements of the case in November 2020 and January 2021, according to our information, it was the judicial review that posed a problem and led to his placement in pre-trial detention. The English judiciary then decided to take the player to a prison near Liverpool before moving him to a high-security area in Manchester.

What is he at risk for?

After a year of investigations, the police have consolidated Benjamin Mendy’s file. The seven plaintiffs have remained publicly silent at all times. It is very rare in England for victims to speak to the media during proceedings. This Wednesday morning, Benjamin Mendy will be judged alongside Louis Saha Matturie (no relation to former footballer). The judiciary accuses this man of eight rapes and four sexual assaults. This case has intrigued England and also finds echo amid the announcement of sexual consent training for Premier League players.

“The judgments are consecutive, the court must respect the principle of totality. This means that the overall penalty must be proportionate,” says English lawyer Richard Furlong. In other words, if he is found guilty of eight rapes each, which would warrant a 10-year sentence, he will not receive an 80-year total sentence. The fact that someone has committed eight offenses is used to increase the total sentence of 10 years to within the scope of the offense and possibly outside of the scope. If there are eight offences, the sentence can be increased to 13 or 14 years. This is an example for better understanding.”

As for the rest, Benjamin Mendy should see things more clearly in September. The French are risking their lives in England for the facts he is accused of. Benjamin Mendy’s English lawyers who were contacted never wanted to speak before the trial began. The defense attorney is still presumed innocent.

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