These 8 Slightly Bad Series are Guilty Pleasures you should definitely watch

Everyone has a favorite series, a bit useless but enjoyable. A series to watch when you’re really tired and don’t want to think. Here is our selection.

I admit it: I like to watch bad series. The ones with bad special effects, bad scripts, bad dialogue, and mostly bad actors. I find them funny and a little endearing and often downright absurd. What fascinates me is that the storylines are absolutely predictable (Oh ! Impressive! A “dark brown” has the role of a great seducer with a turbulent past! unbelievable) and at the same time, the fact that the screenwriters surpass themselves every time to find improbable results.

I really enjoy watching bad shows – I’m not kidding. These are guilty pleasures, my comforter series. The ones I like to look at when I’m tired, or for example randomly, when I’m home alone in August or at Christmas because all my friends have gone on vacation and I’m still working. So if you have the same, somewhat unspeakable passion (who will admit to spending their whole weekend gambling lost girl instead of Netflix’s latest flagship series?), Numerama has compiled a list of the best bad series for you. Don’t thank us, it makes us happy.

All of the series below are available to stream via subscription, whether on Netflix, Prime or Apple TV+.

The Bad Series We Like available on Netflix

first kill

first kill Unfortunately there won’t be a 2nd season, but that’s no reason to deprive you of this monument. Predictable storyline the way we like it, flat turns that don’t make sense and special effects that we’d think were from 2009. A classic of the genre but which nonetheless brings a welcome freshness thanks to its heroines, two lesbian high school girls. You can watch first kill on Netflix.

Virgin River

A nurse who leaves a big city for a clichéd small town in America (the internet is slow! but the locals are nice!) and has to face the rigors of life in the country. We guess everything that’s going to happen by watching the trailer, full of cartoons and pretty plans that aren’t realistic at all. It’s perfect and we say yes. You can watch Virgin River on Netflix.

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rebel manages to be cliche while breaking all codes. The students at Elite Way School, a famous music school, form a band and try to win an internal competition that no freshman has ever won. Add to this vibrations worthy high school musical a secret society (!!) whose aim is to expel certain students (!!!) and you get a masterpiece (bonus: the presence of lesbians). You can watch rebel on Netflix.

teenage wolf

American high schoolers, werewolves, really ugly special effects and a coordinated script with big villains. what more do you need You can watch teenage wolf on Netflix.

agricultural commodity
Check out these really ugly special effects. // Source: Netflix / YouTube

The shows that suck but we like on Prime


H2O appears in this list on the advice of my colleague Nino, and just reading the series’ pitch, I agree with her. Three teenage Australian girls are transformed into a mermaid thanks to some lame special effects – the show dates back to 2006 so we respect it. You can watch H2O on Premium.

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The Boys, Season 3 // Source: Amazon Prime

The Scott brothers

flagship series of the 2000s, The Scott brothers follows the adventures of two rival half-brothers, their group of high school friends (again!), all living in an idyllic small town in the United States (yes, again!!). They also have evil families, and the two heroes play basketball. full box You can watch The Scott brothers on Premium.


This selection wouldn’t be complete without a French series full of clichés about our German neighbors, right? in the Deutsche-Les-Landes, the mayor of a small village on the brink of ruin decides to sell part of the village to a German CEO. The latter therefore transfers some of its employees to the municipality. Heavy German jokes and dripping good humor guaranteed. You can watch Deutsche-Les-Landes on Premium.

The Dumbest Show Ever on Apple TV

lost girl

I saved the best for last: lost girl (not to be confused with The Lost Girlswhich is broadcast on Netflix, which has nothing to do with the series we are interested in). lost girl follows the adventures of a woman who discovers late in life that she is a succubus (the fact that all the people she had previously kissed had passed out had given her no clue). She learns that too faesupernatural beings live in her town and, oh surprise, she has to fight the bad guys. lost girl a bottomless pit of nothingness that causes neurons to lose contemplation, and it’s mesmerizingly stupid. I can therefore highly recommend it. You can watch lost girl on AppleTV+.

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Leanne continues to sink into paranoia in this third season // Source: Apple TV+

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