Vitae Aeternum : aperçu de Brimstone Sands du Nouveau Monde, mise à niveau améliorée, épée à deux mains, et plus encore

Vitae Aeternum: New World Brimstone Sands Preview, Upgrade Upgrade, Two-Handed Sword, and More

New world is gearing up to release its biggest patch since release, and members of the press were recently invited to a virtual event to preview the massive fall update. We watched a short video that outlined the main elements of the update, then sat down with the developers for a question-and-answer session on everything that was to come.

The update is slated to hit the test domain in September, with a full release in October (no specific date was given). In the meantime, I’m here to provide you with all the interesting details New worldthe most ambitious patch yet.

sulfur sands

The main feature of this patch is the game’s first new area, Brimstone Sands. First discovered during data mining before its launch, this new vast desert area is finally being made public.

Brimstone Sands has a mainly Egyptian theme but with a kind of funky sci-fi vibe. If you’re a fan of the Stargate franchise, this is one area that will have you screaming “Kree!” »

Brimstone Sands is a self-contained territory with a capital city (New Corsica) and new housing for players, and corporations can go to war to take control. It also comes with a new endgame expedition, the Ennead.

The main threat in this area is a corrupt legionary force from ancient Rome. This has actually been advertised in the game since launch; A main quest NPC in Everfall is a deserter from this legion. Players will also face the aggression of the Angry Earth, but they are not without allies. The history of the area will ally us with the sorcerer Imhotep to defend the Sands against these dark forces.

Even if it looks a bit like an overhaul of Elements the secret world By the way, I appreciate the history of Egypt New world continues to draw inspiration from all aspects of history and mythology, and I hope it will continue to do so in the future.

It may seem a bit odd that the Egyptians who came to Aeternum happened to settle in a desert region. In the future it could be interesting to use Aeternum to transfer certain historical cultures to new biomes – an African culture in a snowy area or desert samurai or tropical vikings. I think a bit of that already exists as Monarch’s Bluffs is a tropical area that deals with Arthurian mythology.

The developers have confirmed that Brimstone Sands Not come with a level or gear cap increase, but they also said there’s a “safe bet” these things will happen at some point.

Redesigned gaming experience

The biggest surprise of the preview was the announcement of a major redesign of New worldthe new player experience and upgrade game. Zones from level 1 to 25 will be completely rebooted with new quests and more diverse art resources in a similar update World of Warcraftit is catastrophe.

To enhance NOSeems to be the focus of the much criticized quest experience here. The developers spoke at length about the new mechanics they’ve introduced to add variety to the leveling experience, including NPCs that can walk alongside players, traversal puzzles, dynamic events, and more.

It looks like a promising change, although I find it a bit odd to focus on the 1-25 experience. Yes, that’s what people see first, but the first levels of New world are generally considered the best. While even the first few quests can get repetitive, it’s the areas beyond level 25 that really need help. However, to be fair, the developers said that if this update is well received, the rest of the upgrade experience could get the same treatment.

The team further explained that the new experience aims to bring people to the main story. I think that means the upgrade path has become more linear, but maybe I misinterpreted it.

Also, we’ve been told that the leveling speed has been “significantly” increased. It’s unclear if this only applies to levels 1-25 or all leveling experiences. I would expect the latter, but we’ll have to wait and see.

If you’re a seasoned player worried about missing out on this expanded story, there’s good news: this update adds a third character slot to all accounts (however, the one character per server limit remains).


The fall update also brings another new weapon: the two-handed sword. As you’d expect, it’s a melee weapon that relies on strength and dexterity. His Onslaught skill tree is dedicated to DPS, while the Defiance tree is more robust and emphasizes aggressive defense.

What makes the sword unique is its stance system. Each skill tree is associated with a stance that provides passive buffs while that stance is active. Using an active skill from one of the skill trees activates the corresponding stance. Attack Stance dramatically increases your damage, but it also increases the damage you take. Defiance has the opposite effect, reducing damage done and damage taken.

If you wish, you can use the abilities of just one tree and stay in its position indefinitely, but you can also use the abilities of both and change your position according to the needs of your current situation.

Other little things

Alongside the upgrades overhaul, another surprise announcement was a new late-game progression system that unlocks a fourth skill slot. This slot is tied to Heartgem Soulwarden players acquired during the main story and offers five unique abilities to choose from.

I was very excited when I heard this as it initially sounded like a great opportunity for some friendly horizontal progression, but the developers later clarified that Heartgem abilities can only be acquired by completing Expeditions. I doubt the wisdom of this choice; New world is already a little too focused on instanced group content for its endgame. More variety is needed so that a larger proportion of players can end up pursuing meaningful goals.

I continue to hope that one day we will have the ability to acquire gem abilities in other ways; New world is usually pretty good at reversing bad decisions… eventually.

On the plus side, the team is clearly not done making the group’s content more accessible. During the Q&A, the developers confirmed that cross-server grouping for things like dungeons, arenas, etc. is a work in progress. However, from the way they’ve described it, it looks like it could pose a significant technical challenge to implement, so it may still be some time to wait.

The team is also investigating the possibility of adding final versions of low-level dungeons, but this is another case where there is nothing to confirm at this time.

The team was also asked about the possibility of implementing raids or similar group content on a large scale for the endgame. Nothing has been confirmed, but they said they are “exploring” the possibility. Personally, I’m not against it New world Raids received, but hopefully some more user-friendly endgame options will be prioritized first. Raids will only appeal to a small portion of players, so it’s not the most efficient use of developer resources.

Overall, my impression of this patch as presented in the press is quite positive. I have a few disappointments, but there are more areas where more could have been done than anything actively bad for a game. It’s a free update that’s easily big enough to have a price tag, and I’m excited for a lot of what’s to come.

I think I’ll miss the current version of Everfall City. It’s so convenient.

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