With the Honor 70, shooting and making videos has never been easier

The Honor 70, released a few days ago, positions itself as Honor’s new mid-range, with features worthy of a flagship, emphasizing photo and video. Premium sensor, complete photo block and innovative software, nothing has been left to chance.

Last May, Honor presented the three models of the Honor 70 series. A brand new range positioned between entry-level and high-end in the manufacturer’s catalog thanks to premium services. And one only has to take a look at the Honor 70’s silhouette to see that Honor hasn’t gone into business. Slender lines, muscular photo and video film, beautifully crafted screen and pretty finishes: everything exudes quality.

The Honor 70 is now available in our green regions and has solid arguments for establishing itself as a serious camera phone by the end of the year. The reason ? It is the first to be equipped with a high-end Sony sensor destined for the most expensive smartphones and a software part that values ​​creativity and innovation. We explain everything to you.

A versatile photo block carried by the Sony IMX 800 sensor

With its photo block composed of two quite aesthetic groups of circles, the Honor 70 provides us with a particularly satisfactory service in this area. In total it can count on three sensors distributed as such:

  • a 54-megapixel (f/1.9) Sony IMX800 main sensor;
  • a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor (f/2.2);
  • a 2-megapixel depth sensor (f/2.4).

Enough to give him access to many photo modes that are now quite classic for modern smartphones, such as macro, night photo (which he is particularly good at) or portrait with a beautiful bokeh effect.

But the real star of this photo unit is undeniably the main sensor, a Sony IMX800, which the Honor 70 is the first to sport. A very new sensor that should soon be found on very high-end smartphones and that offers impressive performance. In this configuration, for example, it achieves excellent results in low-light situations.

The Honor 70 can also access a ” High resolution which is a real game changer in terms of quality by utilizing the full 50 megapixel sensor. Thanks to this mode, the recordings are much more precise and the level of detail when zooming in on a photo is impressive.

Solo Cut: a new video mode for recording original videos

The Honor 70 does not lack video either, since it can easily film sequences in 4K at 30 FPS or in 1080p at 60 FPS. But the real innovation that this device brings is undoubtedly a new video mode: the Solo Cut.

Put simply, when recording a sequence, Solo Cut mode allows you to choose one of the protagonists of the scene to create a second shot that you can manage independently. Specifically, this means that when filming a concert, you can click on the singer or guitarist to create a new feed that follows them for the duration of the video.

This video mode offers many possibilities in terms of production and editing, and that is easy to imagine as a budding videographer vlogger of all kinds to use it to create dynamic and original video formats. It is also a good way to recover two videos with different frames and content in a single shot.

Honor 70: a solid technical sheet supported by an excellent screen and XXL autonomy

If the photo is undeniably the strong point of this Honor 70, its technical sheet has nothing to be ashamed of. Under the hood runs the very good Snapdragon 778G+, complemented here by 8 GB of RAM (to which is added 2 GB of virtual RAM thanks to HONOR RAM Turbo technology) and 256 GB of storage more than honestly. With a spec sheet like this, you shouldn’t have any trouble using most of your applications, watching videos or launching your favorite games. However, be careful not to get megalomania when it comes to the graphics parameters, otherwise you will suffer some slowdowns.

Where the Honor 70 also stands out is the screen and the autonomy. The manufacturer has equipped its new smartphone with a very attractive Full HD + 120 Hz and adaptive OLED panel. Note that the refresh rate will constantly adapt to your use, giving you the best smooth experience (while saving power). It also enjoys an excellent brightness that guarantees its readability even in direct sunlight.

Photo by rrs_(7)

In terms of autonomy, the Honor 70 is a benchmark. Equipped with a 4800 mAh battery and perfectly optimized, it easily lasts a day with heavy, even intensive use. It particularly shines with its standby mode, which consumes very little energy and lasts even longer when you are not using it. Finally, note that the 66W fast charge ensures that it reaches 100% again in just 45 minutes.

Discover the introductory offers of the Honor 70

The Honor 70 is already available in all good dairies and is currently benefiting from particularly interesting launch offers. For example, know that if you give in to temptation before September 26th, you will automatically receive a pair of Earbuds 3 Pro headphones True wireless with active noise reduction.

In addition to this gift, many online retailers also offer you a discount on the price of this terminal, which is already relatively affordable. The Honor 70 actually got the EISA award for the best value smartphone. As a reminder, EISA gives out awards every year to reward the best products from the world of audio, video, photography or even smartphones. This is an association that brings together almost 60 professional journals from around the world.

You can enjoy coupon at Honor online storeearly birdWorth 50 euros and bringing the price of the Honor 70 down to 549 euros in its version with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, whether in black or green. Little extra: This shop has a third exclusive color with a silver back that looks great. Last benefit, Honor offers you a protective case to dress up your brand new smartphone.

Fnac and Darty also offer you an introductory offer on the Honor 70 for 549 euros thanks to a trade-in bonus of 50 euros on your old smartphone if you opt for in-store collection. This listing is for the black and green models.

SFR finally offers you to get the Honor 70 at a reduced price thanks to its bundles with the bonus smartphone. For example, if you opt for a 150 GB plan, you will get your smartphone for €1 (+€5/month). With a redemption bonus of 100 euros and an online action code of 50 euros, the final score can be further reduced.

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