Nintendo Switch Discount Games – Nintendo eShop Promotion – How to find a cheap Switch game on the Canadian eShop

Looking for a cheap Switch game to download to your Nintendo hybrid console to expand your video game library? That’s good: Nintendo has a selection of discounted games from its diverse catalog for its star console right now, and there are some great games at low prices. Huge discounts, great deals and great offers not to be missed for all types of players (console player, custom player) since it only lasts a few days!

We have therefore compiled a list of 10 essential discount games that you can download to your Nintendo Switch OLED or your Nintendo Switch Lite, an excellent Nintendo video game console.

How to find a cheap Switch game in Nintendo promotions and enjoy the best deals and discounts?

Keep that to yourself, by the way, but whether you’re in the US, France, UK, Spain, Japan or anywhere in the world (or almost), you can create a Canadian account and take advantage of all these promotions are different from Region to region and the price differences can be huge. For example, Ape Out is not available on the French e-shop. So now is the time to benefit the majority of players. If you don’t know how, in a future article we will explain how to create a foreign eShop account and where to buy eShop cards.

monkey out

Current price: $18.89
Current price: $4.72 Ok

In Ape Out you play as a captive monkey who escapes from his cage to save himself while taking revenge on his prison guards.

The genius of Ape Out is how the music fits the action and the unique visuals. Percussion hits every time you smash a door or a skull, creating a veritable symphony of jazz and violence.

A must have home console/portable console at this price point!


Price: $2.49

Florence is a unique game like I’ve never seen before. You are invited to live the ups and downs of a love story in a game that tells its adventures through small, simple actions; tidy his room, brush his teeth, put up a photo.

A magnificent and touching story, told simply, without words or dialogue, and which takes about thirty minutes to complete.


Price: $5.03

We can finally be friends again and Heave Ho is the perfect game to entertain your guests.

In this party game you have to form “human” chains to successfully reach your goal. Will you successfully launch your teammates towards the end of the level, or will you throw them into a bottomless pit instead?

One thing is certain; the fits of laughter will be numerous.

The messenger

Price: $10.07

The Messenger is perhaps one of the best games ever developed in Quebec. In this tribute to Ninja Gaiden, you take on the role of a ninja tasked with carrying a message to the top of a mountain.

But what looks like a simple search becomes increasingly complex draft of the game deepened. Worn by one playing style Accurate and satisfying, wittily written and unforgettable characters, The Messenger is a memorable game that will make you want to play again and again.

child of light

Price: $6.74

As Aurora dies, she wakes up in a mysterious realm populated by captivating creatures. Accompanied by a glowing fairy, she tries to come back to life to comfort her grieving father.

Developed by Ubisoft, this beautiful game feels like stepping into an interactive fairy tale, with graphics reminiscent of watercolor illustrations and a stunning soundtrack by Coeur de Pirate.

Donut County

Price: $4.49

Developed by Ben Esposito (who just released the acclaimed Neon White), Donut County is a bit like a reverse Katamari Damacy; Instead of creating a bigger and bigger ball, you swallow the city with a bigger and bigger hole.

Bursting with humor, Donut County is an exciting experience that will have you laughing at every turn.

Mario Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (Gold Edition)

Price: $20.89

Launched very early in the life of the Nintendo Switch (perhaps the 4th video game or the 8th video game of Nintendo’s latest console) and starring the famous Mario, Mario + Rabbids is still under-known.

Largely inspired by XCOM, this turn-based strategy game pits the Mushroom Kingdom denizens and Rabbids against a variety of goofy enemies. Mario’s fight against other creatures is always excellent.

The Gold version also includes downloadable content with other characters such as Donkey Kong and Co. that complement the main adventure.

Rayman Legends – Nintendo Switch Edition

Price: $14.99

If you are a fan of 2D platform games, you CANNOT miss Rayman Legends. This platformer offers precise and satisfying controls, a punchy visual style and an unforgettable soundtrack.

In addition, the title is packed with content, giving you enough time to spend long hours on it, and it is one of the best Switch games.

Don’t sulk your pleasure and hop on Rayman Legends, especially at this price point.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game – Complete Edition

Price: $6.79

Scott Pilgrim has long been a cult game that was sadly inaccessible after copyright expired.

Thankfully, Ubisoft brought this excellent title back last year, most notably on Nintendo Switch, allowing a wider audience to rediscover the game and River City’s ransom.

An excellent game at a price that can’t be refused.

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered + Valkyria Chronicles 4

Price: $29.39

Valkyria Chronicles is a strategy series that mixes turn-based and real-time combat, a unique and fun mix that needs to be seen in action to be understood. It also fits in perfectly with Nintendo’s hybrid console concept.

The series puts us in an alternate version of World War II where certain superpowers exist and change the course of the war.

A unique series of very high quality. What’s more, for that price you’ll have access to two Switch games, each worth almost 40 hours. A blessing!

You can find the full list on your Nintendo Switch console or on the Nintendo Canada website.

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