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A letter to the president of the Puglia Region, Michele Emilianoand the alderman for Health, Rocco Palese, to ask for their intervention in the Emergency Department of Foggia, put in difficulty by a very serious shortage of personnel. To write it, the president of the National Federation of Medical Orders, the FNOMCeO, Filippo Anelliwhich anticipates its contents.

A complex situationthe one of Foggia, and emblematic of many similar emergencies in emergency rooms throughout Italy; a context that causes inconvenience to patients and unsustainable working conditions for doctors. Which, more and more, get sick for the burnoutI am a victim of aggression. And if they go: to safer workplaces, to the private sector, or taking refuge in pre-retirement.

“I believe that more and more doctors are put in a position to leave – says Anelli – to escape from situations that become unsustainable. We doctors are used to doing this job, with passion, with dedication. But when the situation reaches its limit because doctors have to take charge of all the dysfunctions of a system, I believe that the only possible choice is that of abandonment “.

“However, this cannot be – he continues – because it not only means denying citizens’ rights but also means extinguishing the hope of a better health system. It happened in Bari, at the Policlinico, with the doctors of emergency cardiology; today it is happening in Foggia. Tomorrow, there will be many situations that will put the doctors in a position to leave. Hence my appeal to President Emiliano and Councilor Palese to intervene with extreme urgency and determination to solve the very serious problem of the shortage of professionals and, above all, to secure our first aid “.

“There are more and more complaints that come to us here in FNOMCeO – concludes Anelli -. Complaints of assaults on doctors, vandalism on health facilities and violation of fundamental rights of professionals. Today, this one from Foggia. I would like to express all the solidarity of the Federation towards colleagues and above all the director of the Emergency Department of the Hospitals, Paola Caporaletti, who is currently experiencing a very difficult situation. We strongly condemn all acts of violence, even verbal attacks, unjustified complaints against first aid workers ”.

De Paolis: “Solidarity with operators who are victims of unjust attacks”

“The attacks on the operators of the Emergency Department of the Policlinico Riuniti of Foggia are unfair and, evidently, conducted by those who do not know self-denial and the degree of professional preparation of those who work in the Acceptance and Emergency System of the Foggia hospital. – declared the President of the Order of Surgeons and Dentists of the province of Foggia, Pierluigi De Paolis – The doctor Paola Caporalettihead of the Structure, had the merit of continuing in the wake of the work inaugurated by Dr. Vito Procacciformer director of the same Operating Unit, managing not a sorting system for acute patients, but implementing all the medical protocols tested in order to stabilize patients and formulate diagnosis hypotheses, before sending them to the hospitalization and treatment department. “

“The long waits and the queues in the corridors of the Emergency Department are not generated by neglect or laziness of the doctors, but by a critical condition, close to collapse, of the Emergency System – Urgency, which every day records greater shortages in the staffing of medical personnel and nursing, retired or moved to another role, because they are tired of being subjected to extraordinary workloads, of not being sufficiently recognized and valued and of being harassed or attacked by users who are increasingly intolerant of the inconveniences they are forced to suffer “, added the president of the Order.

“It is urgently necessary to strengthen the area with intermediate health structures – he continued -, suitable for assisting non-critical patients and formulating diagnostic hypotheses, thus avoiding congesting the First Aid system for minor codes and, above all, making the work environments of the Emergency System – Safer Urgency. In short, it is necessary to do everything to restore dignity and respect to the health workers in the sector, if we want this type of work to become attractive for our colleagues, who, today, are deserting the competitions for positions in the emergency room “.

“In my personal name and in the name of the entire Board of Directors of the Order of Surgeons and Dentists, I express my closeness to the doctor Paola Caporalettito all the doctors and health personnel of the Emergency Department of the Policlinico Riuniti, for the unjust attacks suffered and I invite the population to recognize their high professionalism and self-denial, demonstrated every day, with their great commitment ”, concludes De Paolis.

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