The founder of Pebble Watches is ready to develop his own Android smartphone

The current panorama of the smartphone market no longer offers many alternatives for people who want to keep a “reduced” screen format. And this is exactly the problem that Pebble co-founder Eric Migicovsky wants to point out.

Eric Migikovsky with the Pebble Time Round

A certain category of smartphones has been neglected in recent years. Or so thinks Eric Migikovsky, co-founder of watch brand Pebble, which went out of business in 2016 after being partially acquired by Fitbit, which itself was recently acquired by Google in 2021.

This engineer-entrepreneur has expressed his dissatisfaction with the idea of ​​seeing “compact” Android smartphones disappear, even announcing that he would be willing to develop one himself if nobody cares.

A format neglected by manufacturers

Eric Migikovsky currently has no real “plan” to create this smartphone that he is striving for so much. However, he took the time to create a special website called where he explains his idea and what he wants to measure consumer attractiveness. In particular, he explains that for him smartphones that fit well in the pocket, are lighter and easier to use with one hand are much better devices and that more brands should offer them. According to him, the usual drawbacks of this type of format, namely the size of the screen and the autonomy, are less problematic than having with you a smartphone that is too large.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands. If we can get enough little Android fans to sign up at, maybe…just maybe someone at Google or some other OEM will listen.

— Eric Migicovsky (@ericmigi) May 17, 2022

His motivations seem to stem from the fact that no manufacturer seems to have the ambition to start designing a new compact smartphone any time soon. The Californian businessman wants to put “pressure” on the industry to bring about a “renaissance” of compact smartphones, because small-format smartphones are somewhat endangered today.

Compact but not shrunk

According to some analysts, Apple would not keep its mini model with the iPhone 14 at the end of the year, instead offering an all-new iPhone 14 Max alongside its classic iPhone 14, and the size of an iPhone ProMax. On the other hand, the only recent attempt by a sub-6-inch Android manufacturer with a high-end SoC has been that of Asus with its Zenfone 8 and its 5.9-inch diagonal. Choices in this category of Android smartphones are therefore limited to a single model, owing to consumers who now prefer larger models.

In his opinion, the ideal compact Android smartphone should have a few essentials: a 5.4-inch 1080p OLED display, stock Android software, and dual rear cameras (one wide-angle and one ultra-wide) with low brightness, that would be at least at the level of what a Pixel 5 can do.NFC. It also lists additional features that would be good to find such as: B. the IP68 certification for water resistance, a physical button to switch from silent mode to ring mode or even wireless charging.

His query has still received more than 10,000 responses so far, proving that interest in this type of device is low. Migicovsky estimates the price of such a smartphone at 700 to 800 dollars and argues that consumers must be willing to pay this amount as there is currently no real alternative. It will be interesting to see how this project develops in the future and if it will eventually bear fruit. In any case, it will at least have the merit of making manufacturers think about their current offering.

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