QNAP QTS 501 - QNAP QTS 5.0.1 est disponible en version finale !

QNAP QTS 5.0.1 is released as the final version! – cashmere

Almost four months after releasing the first beta of QTS 5.0.1, here is the final version. This version mainly focuses on backing up the system for NAS. Its numbering might suggest that it is a minor version. However, as you will see a little later, this version is very important. Don’t forget to update your case!!!

QNAP QTS 5.0.1

QTS 5.0.1 brings its share of improvements, several fixes, but also some new features. Let’s take a closer look at the changelog.

QTS 5.0.1: It’s new!

  • QTS now supports access protection settings on RTRR and Rsync protocols from the Switchboard ;
  • the Switchboard shows the maximum processor speed;
  • You can now configure the desktop icon size and the font size in the desktop bar and taskbar;
  • waiting station : Share a shared folder using a sharing link.
  • RNetwork and virtual switch now shows MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) values ​​for network interfaces;
  • QTS now supports the Microsoft Windows search protocol. In this way, you can quickly search for files and folders in Windows 10 mounted shared folders via SMB;
  • You can now use exFAT on ARM-based NAS without buying a license (note: this was already the case with x86 models);
  • Storage and Snapshots now supports “Replace and Detach”, which allows data to be copied from a failed drive to a spare drive, and then the failed drive can be safely detached.

QTS 5.0.1: Numerous improvements

This new version of QTS mainly brings improvements around NAS security:

  • Customize live update settings and automatic update settings in a single interface;
  • Improved notifications for updates. Users can postpone or cancel updates before the scheduled update time;
  • New automatic update setting: security updates;
  • Added option to force user to change password on first login. When importing users, you can now force users to change their password on first login;
  • Administrators will receive a notification when a recommended firmware update is available (note: this feature is enabled by default);
  • PHP 7.4.20 version upgrade;
  • Users can now enable SMB signing for NAS devices without domain joining;
  • QTS automatically sets the minimum SMB version to SMB v2 sunless your current setting is equal to or greater than this ;
  • in the App Centerthe “Allow installation of applications without a valid digital signature” option is now disabled by default;
  • Removed some information from login screen to improve device security;
  • The system now prompts the user “admin” to change the default password when the user logs in with it.

Note that QTS 5.0.1 disables UPnP on its NAS. As a reminder, this feature simplifies opening network ports on a router/operator box from the NAS. Unfortunately, it’s often the source of configuration errors and attacks (read our article UPnP: a friend who wants you well…or not!) for all manufacturers. QNAP’s decision is radical and a step in the right direction. Admittedly, it won’t help beginners to access their NAS remotely (there are alternatives). However, it should also be borne in mind that UPnP is too often activated without reason (accidentally, out of ignorance, for simplicity) and the feature is responsible for many attacks.

QNAP UPnP - QNAP QTS 5.0.1 is released in the final version!

Which NAS is compatible with QTS 5.0.1?

The list of compatible NAS is quite long (more than a hundred). See the official bulletin for the full list.

Download and install QTS 5.0.1

Note that this final version is identical to the RC2 version, so those who have the latter do not need to update to this final version. But it is quite possible to apply it.

update qts 5.0.1 - QNAP QTS 5.0.1 is released as the final version!

From the QTS interface, go to Switchboardthen system and finally firmware upgrade. Click Check for Updatesand then let the installer guide you to install the latest available update.

Manually you need to download it from the manufacturer’s official page. Choose NAS / Extension then the number of bays (disk location) that your network box has. Finally select the model. A list will open there and you need to look for the named line and select your region (e.g. Europe). The recovered ZIP file is around 200MB in size. QNAP recommends unzipping the archive, but it is not required. Then go to the NAS Switchboard then system and firmware upgradethen go to the tab “Manual Installation”. Click the button search to select the previously downloaded archive (or the .img file if you unzipped the archive). At the end just click Update the system. The system will then ask you for confirmation, but also if you want to restart the server after applying the update ( We strongly recommend leaving server restart enabled ). It only remains to wait about ten minutes to find the QTS 5.0.1 system.

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