As an extraordinary dish, the oyster now unfolds its full potential for the skin

(ETX Daily Up) – Oyster-based cosmetics. The idea may seem absurd, and yet the tastiest of all mollusks would have a thousand and one skin virtues and more. Rich in proteins, amino acids, minerals and vitamins, the oyster proves to be a key ally in fighting certain signs of aging and improving skin’s radiance and firmness. It is (definitely) just one step from the plate to the bathroom.

While the oyster’s appearance and texture may put more than one off, for others its iodized flavor is essential during end-of-year celebrations or a seaside meal. On the other hand, we had no idea it would one day end up in this invest in a wide field of cosmetics. Like broccoli or onion, the oyster has always been considered an unusual ingredient in beauty, but it still has superpowers that could make it the new star of your beauty routine.

Nothing is left to chance, to the point that brands today use absolutely everything in the oyster, from the flesh to the shell. And it is clear that its properties are multiple and varied: anti-aging, detoxifying, remineralizing and purifying. It’s difficult to see a gray area there. Alone, the oyster can perform a number of functions in your bathroom and prove essential for skin, hair and even teeth.


The natural cosmetics brand Perlucine is one of those who have dealt with the benefits of the oyster and in particular the white oyster shell. Hand-harvested on the beaches of Brittany’s coast, the oyster shells are carefully cleaned before being ground into powder to complete the formulas of various products, ranging from facial cleansing powders to body scrubs, handmade soap, shampoo powders and even toothpaste powders.

An a priori unusual series that offers multiple benefits to mattify the skin, add volume and shine to the hair, rid the skin of dead cells and impurities or add a touch of shine to even the dullest complexion. . All at affordable prices for a Cosmos natural cosmetics line certified by Ecocert.

With oyster extract

For its part, French brand Edulis has recently lifted the veil on a range of cosmetics formulated from patented oyster extract encapsulated in clay to harness the properties of the mollusk throughout the day. This innovative line, designed in Cap Ferret, is particularly interested in the virtues of the wild flat oyster from the Arcachon Basin, called “Ostrea edulis”. “From the technical and scientific observation of the peel, Edulis has obtained nourishing, stimulating and toning natural active ingredients that slow down skin aging and repair the damage of time,” specifies the brand. Firmness, radiance and limitation of pimples are among the assets of this beauty line.

Edulis currently offers three cosmetic products – a two-phase serum, a day cream and a night cream – that combine the benefits of oyster extract with those of Ulva Lactuca algae from Brittany, desert date palm oil, kokum butter or even natural frankincense resin ingredients . A range that emphasizes the richness of the Arcachon Basin while offering an iodized alternative for those who want to experience and embrace the thousand and one virtues of the oyster.

Masters of upcycling

Not content with catching the attention of the cosmetics industry, the oyster can also be processed into many materials to reduce waste – and continue to reap its many benefits. When it comes to upcycling, they agree that they can turn into natural fertilizer and even descale any of our household appliances. A trick that should seduce more than one.

Christine Pelliser

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