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New games await you in Xbox Game Pass in August 2022. The popular subscription offers a real highlight this month. However, a flagship title has to make way.

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Redmond, Washington – In August 2022, all Xbox Game Pass subscribers* can look forward to new games. Microsoft regularly works with development studios and regularly adds new titles to its popular service. This time comes a crazy game from Ubisoft – but it’s a real treasure that has to go. Here are the new games for Xbox Game Pass in August 2022 and the games that will be gone in the future.

Name of the company Microsoft
creation of April 4, 1975
The headquarters Redmond, Washington
chairman Satya Nadella
annual sales $168 billion (2021)
founder Bill Gates, Paul Allen

Game Pass in August 2022: Here are the new games – Immortals Fenyx Rising is in the game

It’s new Game Pass is getting a handful of new games again in August 2022. Later this month, titles will be available to all subscribers* on PC and Xbox consoles. Microsoft criticizes Sony for keeping games out of Game Pass and negotiations for Call of Duty continue. The open-world hit Immortals Fenyx Rising – Ubisoft’s answer to the hugely popular The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – is also in the game. All upcoming games for Game Pass are listed here along with their date.

talk coffee Cloud, Console, PC 16.8
Midnight Fight Express Cloud, Console, PC 23.8
exapunks computer 25.8
Opus: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition console, PC 25.8
Commandos 3 – HD Remaster Cloud, Console, PC August 30th
immortality Cloud, PC, Xbox Series X/S August 30th
Immortals Fenyx Rising Cloud, Console, PC August 30th
tinykin console, PC August 30th

What’s great about Immortals Fenyx Rising: In Immortals Fenyx Rising you will be satisfied if you feel like solving puzzles. The entire open world is littered with challenges, quests and small puzzles that require intelligence and skill. Combined with the freedom of movement of Breath of the Wild and an interesting (if sometimes a bit ridiculous) story about Greek deities, Immortals Fenyx Rising is a real heart stopper.

Game Pass logo next to Immortals Fenyx Rising promotional art

The game received an OpenCritic rating of almost 80%, placing it in the middle of comparable open-world titles. Immortals Fenyx Rising is often criticized for suffering from the “Ubisoft disease” and being crammed with soulless characters and uninteresting challenges. But it’s hard to see the downside when you’re so busy in the game and always licking your fingers for the next challenge.

Game Pass in August 2022: These titles have to go – Zagreus escapes the service

These games will be removed: As is so often the case with subscription services, some catalog entries also have to go. No fewer than ten titles disappeared from Game Pass in August, including one very good game, Hades, which will no longer be available in Game Pass as of August 31st. Here’s a look at the games leaving Game Pass.

elite dangerous cloud, console August 31st
Hades Cloud, Console, PC August 31st
myst Cloud, Console, PC August 31st
NBA 2K22 cloud, console August 31st
Sign of the Sojourner Cloud, Console, PC August 31st
wrong way driver Cloud, Console, PC August 31st
Twelve minutes Cloud, Console, PC August 31st
Two point hospital Cloud, Console, PC August 31st
What remains of Edith Finch Cloud, Console, PC August 31st
World War Z Cloud, Console, PC August 31st

Here’s why you should still play Hades: Before it leaves Game Pass on August 31, give Supergiant Games’ indie title a try. In spectacular action and with almost limitless possibilities, you guide the son of the underworld, Zagreus, to escape from the clutches of the eponymous god Hades. On your way into the mortal world you will encounter many traps, enemies and bosses. But you can also make friends and make your adventure more friendly.

Hades received a 94% rating on OpenCritic and was recommended by almost everyone who reviewed it. It has won many awards and won the hearts of Rougelike fans. Smooth gameplay, nearly limitless bonuses, and a rewarding gameplay loop make Hades a must-play game that should shake every gamer’s bedpost*. August 2022 free PS Plus games are waiting for you again this month, so you’ll have to hold on to play this avalanche of cutting-edge games.

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