Credit Suisse is increasing bonuses for the Swiss women’s national soccer teams

The bank is sending a strong signal for equal opportunities and is increasing its commitment to women’s football, in particular by supporting the ASF’s candidacy for the 2025 women’s European Championship in Switzerland.

As the main partner of the Swiss Football Association (ASF), Credit Suisse now grants the same bonuses to the women’s and men’s national football teams. The bank will also become the main partner in the ASF’s bid for the UEFA Women’s Euro 2025 and is thus committed to a European women’s football championship in Switzerland.

After the announcement that he wants to intensify his commitment to women’s football at league level new partner of AXA Women’s Super League and AXA Women’s CupCredit Suisse has now decided to do the same at the national level with the Swiss women’s teams: From now on, all women’s national teams will receive the same bonuses as the Credit Suisse men’s teams. These are bonuses that are paid out, for example, when qualifying for the final rounds of tournaments or when winning tournaments such as the World Cup. Additional funds are paid directly to players.

Credit Suisse will also become the main partner in the ASF’s bid for the UEFA Women’s Euro 2025. Credit Suisse is thereby reaffirming its longstanding commitment to women’s football and its close collaboration with the ‘ASF. The common goal is to strengthen the sustainable growth of women’s football by hosting the Women’s Euro in Switzerland, but also to organize the first continental football tournament final in Switzerland since 2008.

André Helfenstein, CEO of Credit Suisse (Switzerland) SA: “By awarding equal bonuses to men’s and women’s teams, we affirm that outstanding performance should be recognized equally, regardless of gender. Credit Suisse is pleased to be able to contribute to equal opportunities in this way. Our bank’s commitment in this area goes beyond sport. We are also convinced that hosting a European football championship in our country will stimulate the development of women’s football, but also the reflection on equal opportunities in Switzerland.

Dominique Blanc, ASF President: “The fact that Credit Suisse, our main partner for a long time, is harmonizing player premiums is a milestone for women’s football. We support this action and want to promote it through our own measures. The enthusiasm that the Women’s Euro 2022 arouses in England is impressive and confirms that we too can advance women’s football here in Switzerland. If Switzerland hosts the Women’s Euro 2025, we can take Swiss women’s football to a whole new dimension.

Credit Suisse’s involvement in women’s football

As part of its partnership with the SFA, Credit Suisse has been supporting the Swiss women’s national teams since 2008. Thanks to its many years of commitment, the bank helps to create good framework conditions for football and enable top sporting performances at all levels. The promotion of young talent is particularly important in this context. Since 1993, half of their funding contribution to the ASF has been used to promote young people. Thanks to the Credit Suisse Cup, the bank also supports popular sport: with more than 5,600 teams and 60,000 children taking part every year, the official school football championship is the largest football tournament in Switzerland. Almost 2,000 girls’ teams take part in the qualifying tournaments and the finals each year.

In addition to women’s football, Credit Suisse has been supporting Swiss football in various ways and at many levels for many years. As part of the almost 30-year partnership with the ASF, the bank is proud to be the main sponsor of all senior national teams for women, men and youth. Since 2020, eFootball tournaments have also been organized in cooperation with the ASF. As the main partner of the eponymous Credit Suisse Super League, the bank has been involved in the top division of Swiss men’s football and with all participating clubs since 2021. Credit Suisse also owns the naming rights for the new Zurich football stadium “Credit Suisse Arena”.

Credit Suisse wants to be a driving force for change and is committed to ensuring that the achievements of women are properly recognized. To this end, we launched the “Change The Game” initiative this summer, which aims to promote equal opportunities in the long term.

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