Germany-Austria live: Popp sends the Germans at half-time!

Popp sends Germany at halftime!!!!

Zinsberger goes for a raise but is countered by Popp, who scores the second German goal! Austria will be punished!!! Too many errors!

Range of amounts found

With Klara Bühl’s shot in the 78th minute, Germany and Austria scored five goals together tonight – the most in a European Championship game since at least 2013.

Austrian final change

Billa is replaced by Makas.

Second Austrian card

Haze is warned.

Buehl follows

Brand takes his place.

Buhl, you again!

After the Austrians lost the ball again, Popp can be found on the right. The captain finds Buhl, who misses!

Second Austrian change

Puntigam is replaced by Hobinger.

Another German long strike

It’s Poppp’s work, but his balloon slips away.

Buehl’s Bar!

Buhl, at the entrance to the penalty area, transplants himself and shoots, but his ball hits the bar! Three amounts for Austria against two for Germany! Unbelievable!

Impassable Zinsberger!

The door steps in front of Oberdorf, who had knocked from afar. The rebound didn’t surprise the Arsenal goalkeeper.

The crowd has fallen

16,025 took place in a nearly sold-out stadium.

Another ball loss for Austria

Behind Dallmann uses the chance to hit, but his ball flies wide! The German laundry still works wonders.

First change for Austria

Hickelsberger is replaced by Naschenweng.

Another statistic for Germany

Germany had 17 interceptions in the first 60 minutes against Austria – already more than any other team in a Euro 2022 game.

Dallmann was offside

But his shock had just gone up!

place for coaching

For Germany, Magull and Dabritz are replaced by Dallmann and Lattwein.

Second yellow card

This time it is the German Dabritz who is cautioned after a big foul on Hickelsberger.

Another contribution for Austria!

This time Puntigam hits the post!! Third lot found by the Austrians.

The Germans are not immune

The break is not made and Austria bravely plays its luck.

What a blow of haze!

From afar, Dunst fires a shot down the left but his ball lands on the bar! What a strike!

Good match for Frohms

The German door leaves in Hickelsberger’s feet launched into the depths. This ball was too long for the Austrian.

Buhl is on all the right moves

The German is untenable on her side.

No change for the break

We went with the same 22 actresses.

Already a contribution for Germany!

From the first few seconds in the penalty area, Gwinn sees his shot hitting the post!

It’s time for the second period!

The impetus was given and Germany agreed.

It’s halftime!

After the first 45 minutes, Germany was ahead of Austria (1-0) thanks to a goal by Magull (25′).

Buhl, it’s too far

Buhl tried an outside kick from the left side of the penalty area. This unscrews his shot and his ball flies in the air.

First yellow card

He is for Hanshaw and dueling with Huth.

Huth close to 2-0!

Huth enters the penalty area on his right and tries a low shot, but Zinsberger, who blocked his angle well, sends the danger away for a corner!

Dabritz doesn’t fit

In this corner kick from right to left, Dabritz takes his chance, but his ball flies wide.

We are approaching the break…

Germany remains dangerous and even gets a corner.

A German statistic

Germany have scored in the first half in each of the last seven matches of the UEFA European Women’s Championship, the longest streak of its kind in the history of the competition.

Hanshaw tries his hand at batting

His ball is cleared by the German defense but Austria insists.

Gwin shows up

Another lost Austrian ball. Behind, Gwinn, running, takes his chance, but is directly in the gloves of Zinsberger.

Germans are better

That opener freed the Germans, who appear to have regained ball control.

Maximum efficiency

Germany unlocks the situation for their first-ever shot on goal of this meeting.

And two!

Magull scored his second goal at this European Championship.

Opening of the score for Germany!!!!

Thanks to good pressing, Buhl takes over his opponent on the left. His central defender finds Magull, who hits the side netting with a right-footed shot!

Puntigam comes back well

And it’s a new corner for Germany staying ahead.

Germany heralds the revolt

Huth insists on his side and even gets a corner in the end.

The post for Austria!

After this corner kick from right to left, Georgieva heads all alone in the penalty area, but her ball hits the post! Derirère, it’s still a corner for the Austrians, but it’s hot for the German goal!

Germany under pressure

Rauch is alert and clears the ball with a header. The result is already a second corner in favor of Austria.

Austria unimpressed

The Austrians even get a first corner, but this ball is eventually released by the opposing defence.

Pop, it’s not framed!

It goes from one destination to another! For his part, Popp tries his luck, but his ball just misses the target!

First strike…

for Austria! Starting on the edge of offside, Hickelsberger made the big bridge before trying his luck but it was too much for Frohms who snatched the ball.

First corner for Germany

Gwin is countered when he tries to cross. Germany will be able to bring danger with this first corner.

Hedging overdue

After contact with Zadrazil, Hegering stayed on the ground before getting up fairly quickly after the coaches came in.

Germany starts strong

As usual, Germany wasted no time and rushed forward in those first minutes of the game.

Let’s go to the first period!

The kick-off was given and Austria got involved.

Homage to Uwe Seeler

The German football legend Uwe Seeler (1936-2022) died on Thursday. A minute’s silence is observed in his homage.

Austria wants more

A new half-time for Austria after 2017?

France’s future opponent?

If France passes the Dutch obstacle at 9 p.m. this Saturday evening, their next opponent in the last four will be Germany or Austria.

Germany, a quarter and beyond?

Since its inception in 2009, Germany has reached the quarterfinals of all four tournaments.

Zadrazil and 100 selections

Sarah Zadrazil has her 100th appearance for Austria tonight.

Germany, big favorite?

Every time Germany has won all three games in the group stage of the Women’s EURO, they have lifted the trophy.

A meeting in Brentford

Rebecca Welch of England will referee the game at Brentford Community Stadium in London.

Lineup Austria

Zinsberger – Wienroither, Wenninger (c), Georgieva, Hanshaw – Puntigam – Hickelsberger-Fuller, Zadrasil, Feiersinger, Dunst – Billa.

Lineup Germany

Frohms – Gwinn, Hendrich, Hegering, Rauch – Magull, Oberdorf, Dabritz – Huth, Popp (c), Buhl.

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