4 applis Android à tester pour surveiller votre batterie et optimiser ses performances

4 Android apps to try to monitor your battery and optimize its performance – CNET France

Do you have the impression that your smartphone is slowly losing stamina, is discharging faster and faster, or is taking longer to reach that fateful 100% mark again? There are several Android apps that can help you better analyze the current state of your battery and maybe even make better use of it by learning how to save it.

In this article, we present 4 programs that may interest you for different reasons. It’s up to you to consult the features offered and identify the ones that deserve to be included in your mobile app library.

Amps to identify your best chargers and cables

The autonomy or charging problem does not always come from the smartphone: in some cases the connection hardware is to blame. You can find cables and chargers on the market at all prices, more or less suitable for your equipment. And inevitably, when you go for the low cost, the benefits aren’t always there.

With Ampere you can know in real time the amount of energy received by the battery: once connected, you can therefore compare the cables and chargers to see which are the best quality.

The program also offers you the possibility of analyzing the “lost” energy in real time, in particular to identify applications that are proving to be a little too greedy in the background.

Ampere is a small utility for your smartphone or tablet that allows you to check the charging quality of your charger or your cable when it is connected to charge your device.

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  • Release Date : 04/29/2022
  • Author : brain trap
  • License : Free License
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  • Operating system : Android

AccuBattery: a complete diagnosis

Particularly ergonomic and pleasant to use, the AccuBattery application is a veritable treasure trove of information about your phone. It accurately identifies all applications used and their impact on overall battery life. But you also get other data, like standby time, screen on, estimated time to charge your smartphone to 100%, and more.

Just like Ampere, AccuBattery offers to check the charging speed on the fly to compare your different cables against each other. To take the stress out of imagining losing access to your phone because its battery level turns out to be low, the app gives you a handy element: remaining usage time. And so that your phone doesn’t stay plugged in for too long (which consumes electricity), you also have information about the remaining charging time.

Accu​Battery is a free mobile application for Android that gives you detailed information about your battery (status, usage, charging speed, capacity, etc.).

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  • Release Date : 08/20/2021
  • Author : digits
  • License : Free License
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  • Operating system : Android

HD battery: beautiful and useful

With a licked design, Battery HD will tempt users looking for a drum tool that offers a “slamming” surface. The app offers to show the battery status on widgets that can be placed on any of your mobile screens.

In addition to showing the battery status, it gives estimates of the remaining autonomy depending on the type of use, whether you are playing a game or watching a streaming video. At your disposal you will also find a usage chart for the last 48 hours and a calibration tool or even voice alerts on the percentage of battery left.

Battery HD is an application for Android and iOS that informs you about your battery. You can estimate the remaining time, view usage statistics, set up notifications, etc.

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  • Release Date : 08/17/2022
  • Author : smalltech sarl
  • License : Free License
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  • Operating system : Android – iOS iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch

Battery Saver: the Swiss army knife of optimization

Free but with in-app purchases, Battery Saver offers several phone optimization tools, including one that optimizes battery usage and charging. In particular, it offers advice on the charging mode.

The easy-to-use interface displays key information such as remaining battery percentage, used memory, and used disk space on one screen. For needs that are purely battery-focused, we’ll favor applications that are strictly for that use, but it might appeal to those looking for broader optimization.

Battery Saver is an all-in-one application that offers a smartphone battery management system, file cleaner, application manager and lock system.

  • Download: 11
  • Release Date : 02.03.2022
  • Author : Power Doctor Team
  • License : Free License
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  • Operating system : Android

Beware of some apps that claim to optimize your battery life as they may be paid without giving you more options than totally free alternatives. These 4 programs enjoy a certain notoriety and a reliable reputation, you can choose them for your smartphone without fear of unpleasant surprises, to stay successful longer without going through the charging box.

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