“Brides of the Year 1”, delve into organizing a modern day wedding

July 1, 2022 was a historic day in Switzerland for many homosexual couples who were able to have their marriage officially recognized. A process whose importance often goes beyond the symbolic aspect and which brings with it its share of complications.

While the first marriages for same-sex couples were officially recognized in Switzerland since July 1st, RTS accompanied Pauline and Lucille in their preparations for two months to better understand the issues related to this recognition. In the difficult weeks leading up to D-Day, the two Vaud natives have faith in all that this means for them and the importance of the rights they now have access to.

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Episode 1: starting a family

A year after their “partnership,” the two women decided to marry in a secular ceremony on June 4, only to have their marriage officially recognized a month later at the registry office. The RTS met her in a stressful situation two months before the ceremony: “We were fired for the room we reserved more than a year ago,” explains Pauline. A “monumental stress” with 250 guests planned.

At the time of the first “marriage proposal” between the two lovers, it was actually a registered partnership, an official recognition of the couple through civil status. A first important step, however, especially with regard to children. For her, therefore, the “right to a child” aspect was one of the essential elements of marriage for all.

In particular, the fact that the mother who does not carry the child to term is not obliged to adopt after one year of life. “There will no longer be a need there, it will also be my child from the start,” emphasizes Pauline. For them, access to marriage is therefore not just symbolic. “It’s a story of legal protection. They’re not jokes!”

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Episode 2: A long journey full of pitfalls

Lucille and Pauline have been together for four years. “We met at a concert by an artist we adore, Phanee de Pool. Maybe that’s why we think they’re so great. Maybe we should invite her to the wedding,” they laugh.

Four years later they marry here, not without risks. “When we saw the results of the vote (note: September 26, 2021) we were excited to be able to truly celebrate our wedding on June 4th. And for some reason that I do not understand, it turned out that this vote did not come into force on January 1st, but on July 1st.

A joint declaration from a registrar is sufficient for the conversion of the registered partnership.

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Episode 3: Organization and mental strain

Don’t be fooled by the apparent ease of such an event: many hours of organization and reflection were devoted to this wedding. And while in a heterosexual marriage the mental burden of organization traditionally falls most often on women, particularly brides-to-be, the question of this distribution between the two main stakeholders has been carefully considered.

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Episode 4: The road to PMA

For the Vaud couple, the evolution of the legislation above all allows access to medically assisted reproduction (PMA). A stroke of luck for these two women who had a very strong desire to start a family. But they are aware that such a procedure can take a long time. Especially since seed banks need to be able to follow a possible surge in requests.

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“Being able to experience pregnancy excites me enormously, I hope it will be possible,” says Lucille. “And if that’s not possible, we also consider adoption.”

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Episode 5: The big day

A few hours before the big jump, the excitement of the two women is palpable. Everything is ready for the ceremony that will mark the end of this series and the beginning of a new chapter for Lucille and Pauline.

The Brides of the Year 1 (5/5): the big day / 12:30 p.m. / 4 min. / Friday at 12:38 p.m

Series directed by Agathe Birden

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