Destiny 2: TWAB 05/19 – Event Update, Season 17 Dungeon, Trials of Osiris, Patch Notes… – Next Phase

This week at Bungie is going crazy with the trailer for…Oh wait a minute? No trailer, more information about the next season?! Let us continue.
Spotlight: Annual event update, new details on the next dungeon and how to get it, Trials of Osiris fills his wardrobe and weapon stash, new patch notes 4.1.0 preview and more…

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Destiny 2 – This week at Bungie

update events

The events of Destiny 2 are an integral part of the license, these are the times when the Wardens help each other or challenge each other in joy and good humor (yes, that remains to be seen).

Since last year and more precisely since Festival of Lost Soulsthe developers have started refreshing the events of the game by bringing in some new things.

All events this year will not undergo major changes, but still a minimum to satisfy each of us. Let’s start with an overview of the changes and innovations of the next event this year: the solsticewhich starts on July 19th, then we continue with news about events.


The Solstice, and not the Solstice of Heroes (that’s how it is from now on), receives some changes and brings its small amount of novelty.

Changes & New
  • armor
    • Instead of completing armor goals and collecting keys and consumables, complete event challenges to progress masterpiece.
    • You will only upgrade one armor now of the solstice throughout the event.
  • Campfire Defense
    • New activity of European Air Zone (EAZ).
      • The Guardians will build and power what can be described as Paracausal bonfires while the enemies will try to put out the fires.
  • AEZ
    • Defend the bonfires while hopping from island to island.
      • Added more floating islands and Removal of building barriers for maximum maneuverability.

More information about the solstice will follow as we get closer to the start of the solstice.

Event Updates

With the Solstice event, Bungie is introducing a new feature called ” the event card. This is very reminiscent of the system that we knew from the first factory.

Handover of the event ticket

Similar to Seasonal Challenges, this introduces the event card a list of easy-to-understand goals that you can complete in a season. At the start of the Solstice, players will have access to this event map, which contains new points of interest to explore, specifically the three points mentioned below.

  • Event Challenges
  • Seal and event title
  • Unique event rewards

Each event card will be available free for all players and accessible by interacting with Eva Levante in the Tower or via the Quests tab (right next to the Seasonal Challenges). Event cards and their associated challenges and rewards are available for the duration of an event before disappearing after the associated event ends.

Event Challenges

Like Seasonal Challenges, Event Challenges are objectives you can complete to earn rewards. Some event challenges will reward you with items such as event coversout of emblems From where other equipmentand they will also grant event tickets.

Each event challenge will be available to players from the start of the event, so you don’t have to wait until next week for additional challenges to become available. Event challenges can be completed in any order and at any time while an event is active.

Seal and event title

In addition to the event challenges, you have access to event seal and title. There are two types of event-based seals that players can work toward.

  • Individual event seal
  • A new multi-event seal
How does it work ?
  • Individual event seal
    • Starting with this year’s Solstice, each Destiny event will come with a Seal for players to utilize complete and brown. Completing each event challenge will automatically put you through the seal and unlock the title for that seal.
      • Event seal gilding must be completed more triumphs which will only be available once Standard seal completed
        • The gilding lasts until The event starts again the following year.
    • The progress of individual event seals can be followed directly in the event map by hovering over the map on the left side of the screen From where by viewing the event seal on the Triumphs page.
  • Multi-Event Seal
    • Beginning with the Solstice, you can complete a series of event challenges at a time of Destiny’s four annual events to complete this seal.
      • This means that the first players to complete this multi-event seal will be the ones who complete all event challenges from this year until the next Guardian Games.
        • This also gives them a unique event title. You can also gild this new seal after completing the standard version.

The developers will announce more details about these seals in the coming year.

Improved event card rewards

New event cosmetics will appear with solstice This year. There will be a collection of these items as one-time rewards via the event map itself. These rewards are only available through the Event Card when they are first released, but as with most cosmetic items, there’s always a chance they’ll be available again on Eververse at a later date.

In order to get these additional rewards, you must purchase them the improved event card. Upgrading the event card costs 1000 Argentum and grants you immediately a bundle of exotic rewards. You can then acquire even more rewards by spending them event tickets which you collect during the event challenges.

The total value of the event map upgrade will vary somewhat, but should regularly exceed 3,000 Argent.

Dive into the dungeon

With Season 17, a new dungeon is coming to our platforms.
Why is ? What is his name ? What awaits us there?
No idea.

However, what we do know is that we can get:

  • 1 set of legendary armor per class
  • 1 “Artificial” version of these sets on Dungeon Mastery difficulty
  • 4 new legendary weapons
  • 2 bloody legendary weapons (from Destiny 1? I think so, but I’m not sure)
  • 1 exotic weapon and its catalyst
  • 1 exotic accessory (sparrow or ship)
  • 2 Legendary Emblems

It will be available to all owners of the deluxe version of The Witch Queen, which it will be -25% discount from the start of Season 17 (no exact date yet).

No deluxe? No problem. There are always the key to dungeons available from The Witch Queen for 2000 Argentum in the shop.

New to Trials of Osiris

For the past two seasons, Bungie has been closely monitoring Trials of Osiris through testing with Indie and Zone Capture. They are considering all the data they have gathered and will find out what they will be releasing as a result in the near future when Judgment returns on June 10th after a short hiatus.

Most importantly, we’re all hoping that Season 17’s Territory Conquest will be filled with Fufu Hunters and supercharged Abyssal Barricade Titans! (Not at all. Sorry to remind you of Vietnam).

There will still be Trials of Osiris with Zone Capture & Independent this weekend.

When he comes back there will be something new:

  • A fusion rifle
  • A pistol
  • New legendary armor
  • A new sparrow
  • A new spectrum

New patch notes preview

Increased Strange Pieces gains in Eternity Challenge Chests: Changed from 1 to 3
► No changes to Thunderbolt chests
Increases Light by +10
► Base power: 1350 (unchanged)
► Blue Engram Blanket: 1510
► Major Engram Blanket: 1560
► Prestige Engram Cap: 1570
Number of chest slots increased by +100! 600 places available now.
Nerf Vile Big Jackal crossbow damage so that they are better connected to the other enemies equipped with snipers.

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