Breast, colon and uterus tumors: in Lazio you can check in one click, bookings at the pharmacy

Tumors to the breast, cervix and colorectal: being able to book a screening faster with just one click and being able to do it even in the pharmacy. The digital breakthrough on the diagnostic front had already been undertaken by Lazio in mid-April when the possibility of booking, with just a click, many visits was activated on the regional portal for which it was necessary to go to the Recup or call it, in the same way with which appointments are made for vaccination against Covid. You connect with the tax code only, you choose the type of service and the place where there is availability and where the user prefers to perform the service. The same mechanism will also apply to screening, or to those tests necessary to ascertain or exclude the possibility of developing a tumor. And it can also be done in 1,800 pharmacies in Lazio.
Yesterday, in fact, the signing of the agreement between the Region and Federfarma, which enters the system in order to speed up the diagnosis to reverse the course of a trend that every year counts many sick people. “Lazio wants to focus on screening and the possibility of booking some exams at the pharmacy, such as the colorectal one, starts. A 360-degree change, to ensure that prevention becomes a weapon », comments the councilor for health Alessio D’Amato. “I remember that for us the horrible year from this point of view was 2020. Then there was 2021 with the recovery – continues the commissioner – but we have not yet filled the gap with 2019. This year we want the record. Access will also be allowed to foreigners temporarily present ».

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It must be said that Lazio has always focused on prevention, in fact every year for this type of oncological types, letters of invitation are sent to women and men to undergo screening following a specific age target that coincides with the casuistry of those who then develops the disease. In detail, only in the last year 1.9 million letters for cancer screening have been sent from the Region but the adhesion was 50%: “Despite the invitation – concludes D’Amato – one out of two men and one out of two women they did not join. ” This partly derives from a refractoriness of some, albeit understandable, of not wanting to go looking for something malignant for fear but on the other also from the fact that the invitation must be followed by a direct action of the patient: that is to search and book the performance. Simplifying the procedure certainly tends to streamline the system, but also to incentivize a growing number of people to respond to screening.

A fundamental performance since it is precisely in Lazio that approximately 29 deaths per 100,000 men and about 19 deaths per 100,000 women are estimated every year, while for the cancer registry almost 300,000 Italian citizens live with a previous diagnosis of colorectal cancer. The online booking system will be called Book Smart and will be active from today, available on the regional portal, to access just a few clicks and have the tax code (Stp or Eni code) and the health card with you and you can also do it in the pharmacy for those less experienced or unable to proceed independently. “Today we aim for the maximum simplification of screening” with a prevention that must be “accessible to everyone even in a small village or neighborhood without major health services. We want to eliminate inequalities in access to diagnostic paths “, adds Governor Nicola Zingaretti while from Federfarma president Eugenio Leopardi:” for this reason the Lazio pharmacies have adhered with conviction to the agreement proposed by the Lazio Region to be closer to the citizens and help them “.


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