Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: The Second Chapter of the Season Pass, Junk Food Sauce, presented and released on video

Awaiting more details in the next Stories from the Borderlands during the officially made PAX Eastit’s the split Tiny Tina’s Wonderland which continues to make headlines. Only a month ago, the owners of it season pass was able to discover the first of four additional contents with the title Treacherous ophid, in the form of a new dungeon. Well, here we are again with a visibly identical formula for the 2 DLC’s that means Junk Food Sauce in French and Glutton’s Gamble in English.

You’ll notice the well-found English pun on der sand witchtranslated into boiling gravy boat in our language a so-called imelda which we have to overcome 4 weeks in a row before we see all the forms. All the details have been given on the official website listed below:

It takes courage to face the monster in Vesper’s second Mystery Mirror, available now in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands! Beware of trouble, as Imelda la Saucière is cooking up her latest gastronomic creation, a potion that gives her an insatiable appetite and extraordinary power.

To put an end to his evil dinner, you must retrace his path in search of the ingredients for his latest recipe while re-tasting mushrooms, crab, and the skeletal Gingerbread Corpse! Prepare to sprinkle bullets on baddies, roast your opponents with fireballs, and devour a feast of awesome chaotic combat!


Like other Mystery Mirrors, Glutton’s Gamble gives you the chance to face a more difficult dungeon and collect high tier loot that will help you complete the main story. With access to Glutton’s Gamble, either through individual purchase or via the Season Pass (sold separately and included with the Wonderful Chaos Edition), you can test your mettle by playing and replaying this difficult showdown as Vesper explores the standalone story of Imelda’s origins revealed .

Vesper and his mysterious mirrors are located in the Veiled Observation Deck, very close to Firehoof on the world map. Enemies have a base level of 13. In addition, they scale with the level of your Hand of Fate, making Mirrors of Mystery a valid and repeatable challenge whether your Hand of Fate is just beginning its quest or your character is already from the flames of the more difficult levels of chaos forged. But be careful, as dying in a Mirror of Mystery will send you back where you came from and force you to start over if you want to teach Imelda a lesson.

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Three consecutive weeks after the launch of Glutton’s Gamble, Imelda will be cooking up a new potion that will transform her into an even more gluttonous creature! With each progressively tougher mutation, new legendary gear is added to the loot menu, giving you a reason to play the game again. These new items add to the extensive lineup of new cosmetic items to collect, whether as random drops dropped by enemies in the Mirrors of Mysteries or as you spin Vesper’s Wheel of Destiny using the Lost Souls you find during your battles in the shimmering dimension.

Below is the schedule for Imelda’s transformations into new and more deadly forms, as well as the loot additions for each difficulty level. You should beat each mutation in turn even if you play Glutton’s Gamble by the dates below. On any difficulty, Vesper will reveal never-before-seen information about Imelda’s motivations. Complete each of the four levels to experience the full story.

  • Initial Release: May 19th at 18:30 CEST – New Legendary Pestilent Breath Spell and Legendary Candied Stone Ring.
  • 2nd Release: May 26 at 18:30 CEST – New ripping melee weapon and the Legendary Lich’s Augur Shield.
  • Third release: June 2 at 18:30 CEST – New Legendary Lightning Spell and Legendary Miasmatic Chain Armor.
  • Last release: June 9th at 18:30 CEST – Two new pistols (Oil, Spices and Booming Butter) and the legendary Barbocharge Amulet.

Tiny Tina's Wonderland 03 19 05 2022

If you manage to successfully complete Glutton’s Gamble at least once, its five unique course layouts and Imelda boss fight will be added to the Chamber of Chaos options for even more dungeon ending possibilities. Coupled with a series of limited-time mini-events and weekly featured runs constantly being added to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the stakes are high if you can defeat Imelda’s different mutations each week. Good luck against Imelda and her cauldron of culinary chaos!

If you want to get Junk Food Sauce From where Treacherous ophidyou have to pay €9.99 each or buy them season pass for €29.99 unless you’ve opted for an edition of the game that includes it. as a reminder two more are to come Molten Mirrors and Shattering Spectreglassprobably June 16th and July 14th if the transfer rate stays the same. As for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlandit is sold from €44.99 Amazon.

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