OnePlus Nord 2T: headphones offered at the launch of the smartphone

It’s presentation time for OnePlus. The brand has just lifted the veil on its two latest products: OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite and 2T. While the first is positioned as the most accessible model in the range, the second doesn’t hesitate to tease its premium competitors. Without breaking the bank as it benefits from a very advantageous launch offer at Fnac.

With its OnePlus Nord 2T, the manufacturer primarily wants to go back to its roots: to offer something genuine Flagship Killer. And the bet seems to be successful, since the OnePlus Nord 2T manages to collect the good points, especially with a beautiful 90Hz OLED screen and compatibility with the 80W ultra-fast charge. Not to mention the cleanliness of everything Flagship Killer : a softer price than that of high-end smartphones.

Until May 31, the OnePlus Nord 2T in its 8 + 128 GB version shows a price of 399 euros compared to 429 euros normally. An instant discount of 30 euros accompanied by a pair of OnePlus Buds Z2 will be offered. The possibility of enjoying good Bluetooth headphones without having to pay an additional 99 euros.

A smartphone that doesn’t skimp on its assets

The OnePlus Nord 2T is not intended to be the ultra-premium smartphone on the market. And that’s a good thing, because it allows it to offer high-end features while keeping the price affordable. Because yes, the newborn of OnePlus has not hesitated to delve into the spec sheets of the best phones to take the most important characteristics and bring them together in a perfectly balanced device.

OnePlus Nord 2T 5G-1
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Already the OnePlus Nord 2T is a beautiful phone. Its curved design, large screen with thin bezels and gray or jade green colors make it pleasant to look at. Without forgetting the good grip that allows appreciable daily use. It has to be said that it weighs a very mere 190 grams.

Its 6.43-inch panel uses OLED technology. So you have a beautiful luminosity and infinite contrasts even in the sun, which is very beneficial for the detail accuracy of the displayed image. All in an FHD+ resolution accompanied by a 90Hz refresh rate.

OnePlus Nord 2T 3

Placed at the top left and slightly raised in relation to the shell, the photo module of the OnePlus Nord 2T is not left out. It has 3 sensors and not least since the main 50MP camera is developed by Sony whose experience in the field is well established. In addition, it benefits from a large aperture of ƒ/1.8, which means that no detail can be missed.

The other two sensors, 8 and 2, are dedicated to ultra wide angles and portraits. The OnePlus Nord 2T is therefore versatile in photography and allows you to capture all the scenes you want. Especially since the manufacturer has improved the software part, especially that of the night mode. The latter is based on AI and the new Dimensity 1300 chip (we’ll come back to it) and offers a higher level of detail. And let’s not forget fashion slow motion at 960 FPS, which allows for truly original videos.

OnePlus Nord 2T 4

Performance as it is needed, where it is needed

The OnePlus Nord 2T is one of the first smartphones on the market with the new Dimensity 1300 processor. This chip, engraved in 6 nm and compatible with 5G, is slightly more powerful than the previous generation. And especially when it comes to video games, since the Dimensity 1300 embeds HyperEngine 5.0 technology that improves the AI ​​for graphics rendering. Mobile games therefore run with more sophisticated graphics, always without the slightest slowdown.

The other strong point is that it ensures better touchscreen responsiveness. You can therefore navigate with ease in the various applications of your smartphone. This processor is accompanied by 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. In terms of autonomy, the OnePlus Nord 2T is a good student, with a 4,500 mAh battery that should allow you to use it for more than a day without recharging.

OnePlus Nord 2T 2

It’s also compatible with SuperVOOC 80-watt fast charging, allowing it to restore its entire battery in 27 minutes. Enough to fully charge your smartphone during breakfast.

Headphones offered at launch

To perfect its profile, the OnePlus Nord 2T hits the market with a discounted price. At the start of sales, Fnac is offering the OnePlus Nord 2T (8+128 GB) at a price of 399 euros compared to 429 euros in normal times. It is also available in a 12+256GB version for €499 instead of €529.

OnePlus Nord 2T

But that’s not the only bonus the OnePlus Nord 2T offers. Therefore, until May 31, it is possible to win back a pair of OnePlus Buds Z2 headphones for free. These headphones True wireless are easy to use and benefit from effective noise reduction. As far as its sound reproduction goes, it should appeal to a large number of listeners.

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