BEAUNE: The Tourist Office accompanies the “Little Vadrouille de Bourgogne”

The founder of the RP Events agency, Roland Petriccione, presented the new wine tourism circuit this Wednesday, June 29th at the Hôtel-Dieu in the presence of the President of the Tourist Office of Beaune, Anne Caillaud.

The opening evening of the wine tourism circuit “La Petite Vadrouille de Bourgogne” was organized this Wednesday, June 29, 2022 by the Tourist Office of the Beaune and Beaune Region in collaboration with the civil hospices of Beaune, as it was part of the Hôtel-Dieu with a gala dinner in the King’s room.

Anne Caillaud, deputy mayor of Beaune in charge of culture and president of the Tourist Office, stressed at this launch the importance of the various tourist and wine tourism proposals for the activities of the territory.

A “win-win” tourism partnership

“These are projects that allow us to approach our so magnificent little corner of Burgundy in a slightly different way. This also makes it possible to associate very different actors,” explained the Presidency, while hoteliers, winemakers, animators and historical re-enactors sat with the first participants on the occasion of this dinner.

“This region has so many assets that if we find agencies that know how to combine all these opportunities with talent, we’re in a win-win situation,” added Anne Caillaud.

After the traditional “bon appétit and great thirst”, the dinner was punctuated by the Ban Bourguignon ritual. A gala menu prepared by Chef Laurent Parra and his team at Le Conty restaurant.

“We’re talking about Meursault, Pommard, these are mythical villages, but there are also the high coasts”

The founder of the agency RP Events, Roland Petriccione – “Rolly” for his loved ones – took over the speeches. A disc jockey for 35 years, Rolly discovered wine tourism when he moved to Beaune in 2000. From organizing seminars to preparing group cohesion stays (“team building” for English speakers) he started his own events agency.

“We’re talking about Meursault, Pommard, these are mythical villages, but there are also the high coasts,” he pointed out. Even if the Voie des Vignes is “extraordinary” by bike, it is possible to combine “La Petite Vadrouille de Bourgogne” with varied experiences on the same day.

“Showing the high coasts means showing a different terroir, a different landscape that has nothing to do with the Beaune coast but is part of the Beaune country,” he pointed out.

That the vines seen from above are a prerequisite for tasting the wines at the level of the terroirs, the famous climate of the Burgundy vineyards listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rolly reminded that the principle of wine tourism is to learn to taste to better understand wine.

“La Grande Vadrouille” made the Hospices de Beaune popular

“A film or a piece of writing can do a lot to promote a city,” recalls Marie-Thérèse Garcin, tour guide and lecturer in Burgundy. In fact, “La Grande Vadrouille” helped popularize the Hospices de Beaune in the 1960s, when the use of private cars for tourism became more democratic.

Based on his previous group cohesion activities, Rolly was then inspired by the scenario of “La Grande Vadrouille” re-released by Pef Cinéma in 2013 to draw the outlines of the new project that was finalized in consultation with the Tourist Office. “I found the idea of ​​mixing the historical, cultural side and the good life, epicurean tourism interesting,” explained the inventor of the tour.

Marketing by the Beaunois Tourist Office

The new tourism product is aimed at companies and individuals and welcomes from 5 to 45 participants. Enjoyable couples, friends, bachelor parties are particularly welcome. Depending on the number, calculate between 500 and 600 euros per person, including six tastings of great wines, at least with village appellations.

However, the helicopter transfer, highlight of the day, can be optional to fit the budget and reduce it by a hundred euros. The ride on the ground is then done in a high-end minibus.

Interested parties can apply Tourist Office Beaune who sells the product or contact them directly PR events To refine the contours of the racetrack, e.g. B. the addition of accommodation (from 100 euros depending on the service requested) or a restaurant in the evening.

For this very first season, RP Events expects three sales in the summer. The agency has been awarded the Quality Tourism label by Atout France and the circuit is now part of the activities of the Valley of Gastronomy.

Jean Christophe Tardivon

Partners of RP Events

The art of the barrel, the Cassissium, the castle of Chassagne-Montrachet, the Hospitallers of Beaune, Taxi Franon, the guide and lecturer Marie-Thérèse Garcin, the Hospices Civils de Beaune, the estate of Olivier Leflaive, the castle of Meursault, Mont -Blanc Hélicoptère, Lucien Muzard et fils winery, Wine scent trail, Saint-Aubin Castle, sommelier Pascal Wagner.

The new wine tourism circuit “Little Vadrouille de Bourgogne”.

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