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Lose weight: According to a study, if you want to lose weight, you have to eat at this point

Many people practice intermittent fasting to lose weight. This practice consists of voluntarily depriving oneself of food for several hours. But is it really effective? Researchers at the University of Alabama in Birmingham (USA) wanted to know exactly. Better still, if the practice is effective, when is it really? Finally we have the answer.

Weight loss: You need to eat between 7am and 3pm.

According to this study, you shouldn’t eat after 3 p.m. for intermittent fasting to be truly effective. This is the finding of the study published on August 8, 2022 in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. For this study, 90 people aged 25 to 75 years with obesity were recruited. The course lasts fourteen weeks. The goal is simple: to know if a temporary diet ‘ (i.e. from 7am to 3pm) can help you lose weight faster than ‘Eating for twelve hours or more“.

Early time-restricted feeding was more effective for weight loss.”, the researchers tell us. In fact, the participants could have shed 14 pounds during the study. The other contestants lost 4 kilos on their side. Be careful though, because when we talk about “body fat” loss, the difference is much smaller.

This is not the first study of its kind aimed at finding the best weight loss solutions. Half of the people are overweight. These studies are therefore of public benefit.

Losing Weight: How Long Should You Exercise?

In addition to the fact that you absolutely have to watch your diet, sport is essential if you want to lose weight. But how long should it be done each day to see results quickly? Danish researchers set out to find the answer in a similar study that pitted two groups of people against each other over several days.

The Danish course lasts 13 weeks. The aim is to know the ideal time that a sports unit should last if the subjects want to lose weight. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have therefore examined the behavior of around sixty slightly overweight men. Two groups were formed. The first had to do thirty minutes of sport every day (running, cycling, etc.). Same program for the second group, but the session lasts twice as long: one hour.

After 13 weeks the result is final. People who exercised for 30 minutes lost more weight. The results, surprising at first glance, were published in the Scandanavian Journal of Public Health. For more precision, you should know that the participants in the first group lost an average of 3.6 kilos. Those in the second group lost 2.7 kg.

Train at home

For people who don’t have time to join a gym or club (or can’t afford it), know that with simple body weight, elastic bands and a yoga mat it is possible to achieve beautiful results.

Don’t think that only the gym can help you get the body of your dreams. It is quite possible to achieve results from regular and serious training at home. There are many videos on Youtube showing effective exercises that use body weight to train muscles. Rubber bands are also highly recommended, they allow you to perform a variety of exercises.

Finally, don’t forget to stretch. We tend to underestimate the importance of muscle flexibility. But it’s important to feel fitter. Know that the immune system is in the muscles. That’s why you feel fitter when you exercise. It’s now or never!

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