Street Workout a Termoli

Headphones and adrenaline, Street Workout explodes: outdoor musical fitness

TERMOLI. Promotional banquet and for registrations, headphones and T-shirts, then a lot, a lot of adrenaline.

The heat that accompanies the penultimate Sunday in May was a worthy setting for romping in the Street Workout in Termoli, promoted by some sponsors on the Adriatic coast, such as Cala Sveva, Salsedine, La Vida Wellness & Medical and Salvatore Vitale’s Kitchen Space.

Gathering in Piazza Monumento and then space along the center, up to Piazza Duomo and beyond.

Street Workout was born from the idea of Simone Massaro And Maria Intorto. After having practiced Indoor Fitness with headphones for a few years, which allowed multiple events to be held simultaneously in the same space through the use of wireless headphonesthey decide to tear down the walls and bring musical fitness outdoors.

The possibility of transferring the music and the voice of the coach, on huge groups of people, gives a distinctive character to this activity, since it allows to unite the group, to convey rhythm, information and instructions, involving and thrilling.

Not only that, the possibility of taking advantage of the most evocative and historic places in urban areas means that they can be combined or combined with physical musical activity, the transfer of cultural contents that enrich the Street Workout experience to make it unique.

Among the disciplines of Street Workout, as there are several, there is Dynamic Walking, designed for large gatherings, alternating with stations dedicated to different physical activities.

The events take place on a route of about 5 km inside the city and last about 2 hours. They are also organized in collaboration with qualified gyms and sports centers.

Finally, they are managed through a team of experienced and competent instructors who operate both nationally and internationally. Participants are equipped with “Entheso wireless” headphones, which allow the coaches, in the two hours of the event, to transfer the music and precise indications on the performance of the activities, instructing on specific exercises and movements to be performed.

Street Workout is culture, since during the moments of walking, between one station and another, the historical / cultural attractions of the city are illustrated or stops are dedicated to the enjoyment of the scenarios described.

If you want to organize an event in your city, contact us.

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