In London, crowds waited several hours for a final salute to Elizabeth II

After hours of waiting during the night, Britons marched in silence in front of the coffin of their beloved Queen Elizabeth II in London on Thursday before a grandiose funeral on Monday.

Food, water bottles and above all a very large portion of patience are needed to meditate just before the locked coffin of the 96-year-old Sovereign, who by sending her kisses or reverence on the 8th, eyes often red with tears.

They are not deterred by the long queue, which stretched more than two miles from Westminster Hall to the other side of the Thames on Thursday morning.

Ardi pulled out the costume for his wedding, “a mark of respect for a day as important as the union with my wife,” he confides to RTS. After nine hours of waiting, a native of Geneva named Antonio explains that he has extended his stay in London “to live this experience”.

In order not to lose your place in the queue, only a short pee break is possible in one of the 500 makeshift toilets built especially for the occasion. Hundreds of volunteers are scheduled to help manage the crowds, as well as refreshments at companies or institutions along the route, such as the National Theater.

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Hundreds of thousands of Brits flock to Westminster Hall to pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II / 7.30pm / 2 mins / yesterday at 7.30pm

“draconian” security

Some members of the public had taken the lead and had no hesitation in waiting outside Parliament from the previous night. Authorities warned of “draconian restrictions” worthy of airports and urged the public to “dress appropriately to pay homage to the sovereign.”

Inside Westminster Hall, the public is only allowed to bring one small bag and no food or drink is allowed. Before this multi-day farewell, the coffin of Elizabeth II had already been on display in Edinburgh for 24 hours from Monday evening to Tuesday and welcomed by around 33,000 people.

>> Former Prime Minister Theresa May joined the crowd to pay final respects to Elizabeth II:

Procession through the streets of London

Last step before the funeral of a poignant ten-day national mourner, the remains of which have been open to the public since late Wednesday afternoon. She was then transferred in an emotionally charged ceremonial procession from Buckingham Palace, the official residence of Elizabeth II during her record-breaking 70-year reign.

Placed on a gun carriage, topped with the royal standard and surmounted by the imperial crown worn by Elizabeth II at her coronation in 1953, was the oak coffin of King Charles III, the monarch’s eldest son, and other prominent members of the royal family followed on foot Family.

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United, the royal family accompanies Elizabeth II to Westminster

Procession in London: The royal family accompanies the coffin of Elizabeth II / The news on video / 1 min. / Wednesday at 5:42 p.m

Arriving from Scotland where the sovereign died, the remains are presented on an imposing catafalque in Westminster Hall, the oldest room in the British Parliament, open 24 hours a day until 06:30 Monday, the day of the final farewell with a national funeral Westminster Abbey, in the presence of hundreds of foreign dignitaries and royal royalty.

On Monday, crowds promise to grow even bigger for the funeral of the century, a huge security challenge London is feverishly preparing for. A public holiday has been declared for this historic event and many shops, including almost all supermarkets, will keep the curtain closed. The Queen will then be buried at 8.30pm in a private ceremony at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on the western outskirts of London.

>> The royal funeral procession of Queen Elizabeth II in pictures:

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