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work by Alexis Lebrun September 15, 2022

Revealed by The Big Bang Theory (Netflix), the actress – who was nominated at the Emmy Awards for her role in that series for the second year in a row – confirms with The Flight Attendant season 2 that she deserves much better than the role by Penny.

change of scenery

Although The flight attendant was originally conceived by HBO Max as a miniseries, the first season finale opened some doors for the future. The most important, apparently, concerned the series’ heroine, stewardess Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco), who was offered a job by the CIA after she solved the mystery of Alex’s (Michiel Huisman) death and survived his killer. Aside from this unlikely career opportunity, Cassie had largely got her life in order by reconciling with her brother, saying goodbye to the ghost of Alex hunkering her head, and most importantly, by giving up alcohol.

But as this second season begins, we also discover that Cassie has moved from New York to Los Angeles, where they live as a couple in a lovely house. It’s been a year since the end of season one, and not only has she not had a drop of alcohol in that time, but she’s doing just fine for the CIA, which runs small observation missions during her layovers. Everything is going well in her new life until one of her victims is murdered in front of her in Berlin and the prime suspect seems to impersonate her.

This is the starting point of a new investigation that Cassie finds herself mired in against her will, trying to save her skin and the new life she has built for herself. And if this Season 2 also brings us news of Megan (Rosie Perez), Cassie’s former colleague who is now on the run after delivering the secrets of her husband’s box to North Korea, the central theme of these eight new episodes is Cassie’s struggle against the constant temptation of alcohol. Because after talking to Alex in her head for a season, this time she’s talking to several alcoholic ghosts of herself, including a depressed Cassie and a party girl version.

A distinguished guest, but not only

This very dynamic device may not have been easy for Kaley Cuoco to film, but the actress knows she has it all on her shoulders. The flight attendant. She therefore spares no effort and delivers an amazing new feat, renewing many of an already very wide range of games thanks to the changes made to her character.

However, the series retains many of the ingredients that made its first season a success, namely a blend of gripping espionage intrigue that doesn’t take itself seriously and a much more serious dramatic side that grapples with the issue of alcoholism and sobriety an intelligence rarely seen on television. The series is always in perfect pacing, continues to multiply split screens, and the move to Los Angeles also brings a touch of freshness to a series that is already not lacking, as evidenced by the new version of the credits, without a doubt one of the most beautiful of the last years with the from The White Lotus (OCS).

And since The flight attendant Still quite obsessed with Alfred Hitchcock’s influence – you can see that from the very first episode – she decided to approach cinema’s iconic blonde actress, the great Sharon Stone, who comes to play Cassie’s mother. We also find Cheryl Hines (Larry David’s wife) this season in Curb your enthusiasm on OKS), Margaret Cho and hilarious Canadian comedian Mae Martin, revealed in her 2020 series feel well (Netflix) Since we know that alongside the return of the essential Zosia Mamet, several faces from Season 1 will drop by to say hello, but we won’t tell you who, to keep the surprise.

Because you have to take advantage of that: the screenwriters made the difficult bet of extra time The flight attendant beyond the first season, which was entirely based on the best-selling novel by Chris Bohjalian, but they preferred not to risk overdoing the season for the moment. Until they change their minds in a few years, you know what to do.

The flight attendant Season 1 and the first part of Season 2 on WarnerTV, available on CANAL+.

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