Diet, what time to eat to lose weight: here are the three most dangerous moments of the day for physical fitness

Eating at the right times would help us lose weight or, at least, not get fat and since summer is approaching the question becomes even more interesting: we understand what we are talking about. The reason why by eating at certain times you can lose weight (or at least not gain weight) would all lie in the metabolic and hormonal changes, which are regulated by our biological clock, and which affect the absorption and disposal of nutrients such as sugars, fats and carbohydrates. To lose weight, or in any case, not to gain weight, it would be advisable to consume breakfast, lunch and dinner at times when the metabolism is most active: thus respecting the rhythms of the organism. But is it really so? It seems so.

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Diet, prohibited times to lose weight

The Australian dietitian then revealed us the taboo times Susie Burrell. According to the expert, here are the three “dangerous” moments of the day when you should avoid eating. 11-15 and 21.30. Here at these times you have to stay away from food because they are the specific times when eating is more likely to increase your daily calorie intake. Research commissioned by a UK supplement company reported the three high-risk times and found that dieters gained 750 more calories per day during these times. This diet is also based on the principle of chronodiet, that is a diet that is based on the intake of foods at certain times of the day, which could be particularly effective. In addition to what we eat, therefore, it is also important when we consume our daily meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, they should follow very specific times. This is because food is assimilated differently, and it could affect our line.

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The expert’s indications

But the dietician doesn’t just put bans but also alternatives: here is a list of healthy alternatives to eat during these hours to combat cravings. Breakfast should be consumed every morning between 7 and 9: this is the time slot in which insulin, the important hormone that regulates the level of sugar in the blood, and the activity of our metabolism, are at their maximum. Our body comes from hours of fasting and must therefore receive the right energy to activate the metabolism. Food consumed in this time slot will therefore be disposed of in a short time.

It is important to start the day with a hearty breakfast to overcome the 11 am morning cravings. Eating too few calories during the first half of the day is wrong because you will end up being too hungry for your lunch meal, Susie told 7News. At 10:30, indulge in a healthy snack like yogurt or fruit, it can help fight if hunger strikes.

The lunch

The ideal time for lunch is instead between 12 and 14, when the thyroid hormones are more active: the metabolism is faster and no fat accumulates.

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The afternoon snack

The afternoon cravings (those between 15 and 16) are the most dangerous: many at this time opt for a quick solution such as a snack taken in an automatic dispenser or something quick and ready to have. Unfortunately, the types of foods we associate with snacks at this time of day again tend to be sweet foods – cookies, chocolates and snack bars, actually it is recommended to enjoy protein-rich snacks in the afternoon, such as nut bars, vegetables with hummus. or rice crackers.

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Dinner should be consumed within 3 hours of lunch, or in any case between 19 and 20. In this time slot, the growth hormone, which favors the increase of lean mass, is at its maximum level.

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The after dinner

And then if you have that peckish in your mouth after dinner and you want a dessert before going to bed, let it pass. for Susie this is one “bad habit”. After 9pm you shouldn’t ingest anything but liquids. In fact, the evening is the moment in which the production of GH begins, the growth hormone which, during the night, regenerates the tissues, favoring the increase of lean mass. But if you just can’t get enough of it, dietitian-approved evening snacks include dark chocolate, a cookie, or a small amount of ice cream.

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