A hotel village, plastic-free sportswear and a two-headed turtle

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Are you more House of Dragons or Lord of the Rings? With a great reinforcement of costumes, special effects and superlatives, HBO and Amazon have not skimped on resources to revitalize GRR Martin and JRR Tolkien’s promotions this fall. Maybe forgot the script a little… What is certain is that the imagination is on the rise, as if responding to the need to re-enchant the world. A bit like that feel-good news flash, although I prefer a turtle to a dragon.


A spacious hotel in Ticino

With its 12 year-round residents, Corippo (TI) is the smallest municipality in Switzerland. And to revitalize its vacant “Rustico”, it was transformed into a hotel of a new kind: a diffused hotel. These are 12 rooms for rent scattered in the houses of the village to enjoy the tranquility and charm of this stone village in the heart of Val Verzasca.

Sports without plastic

Did you know that 99.9% of sportswear contains plastic? A cost and performance advantage, but an additional pollutant factor. Based on this observation, the Vaud brand Mover decided to create models without plastic, just as efficient and comfortable, but more natural and biodegradable.


A virtuosic energy cycle

And if we were to reuse the heat generated by the devices. Engineers at the HES-SO Valais-Wallis worked on this hypothesis to develop an unprecedented anergic cycle that replaces water with CO2. A solution that reduces costs and increases energy consumption tenfold. And which could apply to entire cities in the near future.


Jan’s birthday

What has 2 heads, 2 hearts but only one shell and has just celebrated its 25th birthday? It is Janus, the Greek tortoise that has become the mascot of the Natural History Museum in Geneva. It is the oldest two-headed turtle ever observed. And when you say 2 heads, you say 2 personalities, both in terms of character and taste in food. What justifies a nanny dedicated to animals.


The advantages of the 9 euro ticket

After 3 months of experience, Germany has just abolished the monthly subscription for public transport for 9 euros as planned. In addition to the public success – 52 million tickets sold – the measure avoided the emission of 1.8 million tons of CO2. Enough to open the debate about a future return of this subscription at a low price.

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ABE’s “Flash Energy”

“Energy, think more, spend less!” No, that’s not the motto of the Federal Council for the coming winter, but that of the show A good listener… 45 years ago. With their energy flash, Catherine Wahli and her team already suggested with a certain certainty to the audience that they should become aware of their energy consumption and avoid wasting it with small gestures. Advice still valid today.

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