Huawei renouvelle sa gamme MatePad Pro avec une nouvelle version 11 pouces

Huawei renews its MatePad Pro range with a new 11-inch version

Huawei announces the launch of its new tablet Huawei MatePad Pro. This tablet features improved productivity features and a new design.

The Huawei MatePad Pro comes with an 11-inch Huawei OLED Full View display with a 120Hz refresh rate. With a weight of 449 grams and a thickness of 5.9 mm, this tablet is equipped with Huawei Sound technology.

The MatePad Pro has several improved features including App Multiplier Window Splitting and Multi-Window. The detachable Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard and the upgraded Huawei M-Pencil (2nd generation) can be used together.

The Huawei MatePad Pro is also the first tablet to receive the German TÜV Rheinland Full Care Display 3.0 certification. It also uses a hardware solution to reduce blue light and protect users’ eyes.

The use of multiple windows has also been improved to support interactions: when an application is in full-screen mode, you can now just slide your finger to the top-right corner to split the screen and drag it to the top-right corner to bring up an app bubble . The tablet also offers the ability to run up to four tasks simultaneously with multiple windows, with two split windows and two app bubbles.

To further enhance the tablet’s productivity features, Huawei launched the new detachable Smart Magnetic Keyboard, which supports three modes: laptop-size, detachable screen, and studio. In laptop format, the tablet magnetically connects and pairs with the keyboard via Bluetooth, allowing it to function like a traditional laptop. The keyboard can also be charged wirelessly in this configuration.

The detachable format allows the keyboard to remain physically detached from the tablet while wirelessly connected via Bluetooth, allowing users to work in tight or awkward spaces such as desks. B. when moving, can continue to work.

In studio format, the keyboard stand can be adjusted at an angle of 120° to 165°12 and offers stable support in different positions.

The Huawei MatePad Pro also includes Enhanced Signal 1.0 technology with a hidden floating antenna built into the back of the keyboard and used to amplify signals from the tablet. Enhanced Signal 1.0 gives tablet users better signal coverage anytime, anywhere to work more efficiently and productively.

The new Huawei M-Pencil (2nd generation) is available in a new white color and finish. The pen benefits from the improved “Take Snippet” feature that allows users to take screenshots page by page, even when switching between apps or websites.

It is worth mentioning that the Huawei MatePad Pro is the first device to support Huawei Notes. This notes app has editing features that include multi-editing and composition tools. It also comes with different choices of digital paper types and brushes.

Price and availability:

The 11-inch Huawei MatePad Pro will be available from the beginning of October for 649.99 euros. The 12.6-inch version of the Huawei MatePad Pro will be available from the end of October at a price of 799.99 euros.