L’accompagnement des personnes atteintes de cancer au cours de leur traitement est essentiel pour combattre la maladie. © Romaset, Adobe Stock

Health: What place can virtual reality take in patient treatment?

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[EN VIDÉO] Is medicine catching up with science fiction?
Some recent developments in medicine may be reminiscent of what one might read or see in science fiction books or films.

This project combines the virtual reality Treating the patient with radiation therapy.

Reminder: what is radiation therapy?

Along with surgery and chemotherapy, radiation therapy is one of the three most important therapeutic weapons against cancer. Today, in western countries, 60% of patients undergo radiation therapy during their treatment. The therapeutic principle at work is that of destroying cancer cells by ionizing radiation directed at the cancer tumor and to spare healthy tissue as much as possible. Technological advances in the field of radiation therapy have enabled continuous improvement in the precision of radiation. Carried out in a controlled manner, irradiation finds application in various sectors such as the food industry (hygiene and preservation…” data- url=”https:/ /news.google.com/sciences/definitions/physics-irradiation-2461/” data-more =”Read more”>irradiationconsidering movements, the reproducibility of the sessions by adapting to changes in the tumor and its environment. These advances also help minimize the side effects of treatments.

The Hartmann Institute for Radiation Therapy (ELSAN Group) offers patients high-precision techniques and, since a few days, a virtual reality experience called VORTHEx, which allows patients to experience a previous simulation of the treatments carried out, thanks to two cyber knife of the center. This innovative experience was developed thanks to the expertise of 3DEXPERIENCE Lab, a unit of the Dassault Systèmes group specialized in the development of virtual reality tools.

Virtual reality at the service of the patient experience

Faced with the severity of her treatment against cancer and the nagging feeling that can arise from radiation therapy treatment rooms often leaves patients feeling debilitated. You fight with the logsAppointments with specialists and articulated robots large figures in the radiotherapy room move around them. These conditions do not always prepare them peacefully for their treatment radiotherapy. The VORTHEx project aims to improve the patient experience of radiotherapy through a virtual treatment room, a room for “identical twins or identical twins resulting from the fragmentation of the same oocyte. These twins have the same genome and are of the same sex; fraternal or false twins…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/0/3/d/ 03d0178dab_114925_twin-bebe.jpg” data-url=”https: //news.google.com/health/definitions/medicine-twin-180/” data-more=”Read more”>twin of the new radiation therapy room at the Hartmann Institute”.

The virtual reality method has already proven itself in the field of medicine. Thus, VR (Virtual reality) was used to reduce the Painsrelieve the emphasize and fear of overcoming addiction, improving methods of rehabilitation in patients who have suffered stroke

What is the VORTHEx project?

The VORTHEx project will allow people with cancer to better understand the benefits of their treatment and visualize it through virtual reality to understand it better. It will initially be set up within the Hartmann Institute for Radiation Therapy, which will have one of the latest therapeutic innovations, the Cyberknife robot developed by Accuray. The latter allows the treatment tumors thanks to high-precision technology that irradiates on a tiny scale volumes reached. It precisely targets the diseased area and therefore does not attack analogous tissue. Patients can visualize in 3D thanks to the VORTHEx project” all the technical and protocol components of the treatment, namely: the room, the Cyberknife robotic arm, the patient’s position, the modalities and the phases of the sessions (Source: website 3DEXPERIENCE Lab). This 3D initiative, aimed at preparing patients for their treatment, is a world first.

Accompany the patient to maximize the chances of recovery

Through the use of 3D simulation tools 3DDassault Systèmes EXPERIENCE Lab gives patients the opportunity to imagine the future treatment which you receive. During this unique experience, you will be accompanied by someone from the care team who can answer any questions you may have about the treatment process.

This 3D initiative, aimed at preparing patients for their treatment, is a world first

The VORTHEx project supports patients in their illness. In fact, a better understanding of treatment will give them a better chance of triumphing over their cancer. The goal of the experience is to familiarize them with the protocol, location and instruments of the treatment. The implementation of the VORTHEx project aims to improve patient comfort, reduce their fears and deepen their understanding of the radiotherapy protocol.

According to the Hartmann Institute for Radiation Therapy, supporting people with cancer before and after their treatment is essential to combating the disease. It is therefore quite natural that the center has joined the Rafaël Institute. This European center offers free support to patients before and after their cancer. The two institutes and an ELSAN facility combine their skills to save patients time and moneyenergy You need to rebuild in the best possible conditions.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Lab to support innovation

3DEXPERIENCE Lab is an initiative of Dassault Systèmes. The aim of the company is then to support the start of projects initiated by startups after choosing one of the following themes: city, life, gnomon: from the simple stick to the sundial
In ancient times, the gnomon was…” data-image=”https://cdn.futura-sciences.com/buildsv6/images/midioriginal/9/6/e/96ede18295_76402_gnomon.jpg” data-url=”https : //news.google.com/science/definitions/physics-gnomon-14968/” data-more=”Read more”>style of Life, Ideation or FabLab. Those selected are thus funded for 2 to 5 years. The program 3DEXPERIENCE Lab will provide you with virtual simulation tools to develop your project. through his program 3DEXPERIENCE Lab, Dassault Systèmes aims to support the creation and realization of new experiences that lead to a positive impact on today’s society and tomorrow’s world.

Article created in collaboration with Dassault Systèmes

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