Realstone inaugurates a district with a strong focus on sustainability in Zurich

Horgen Oberdorf already has 210 of the future 444 apartments that are heated without CO emissions2 with roofs equipped with photovoltaic panels.

The Realstone Group today inaugurated a milestone in the Horgen Oberdorf district in the canton of Zurich on behalf of the real estate fund Realstone RSF. Heating without CO emissions2 and the production of photovoltaic electricity are at the heart of this project, which will eventually include 444 apartments, as well as commercial and administrative areas, where more than a thousand people will meet every day.

The Horgen Oberdorf district, ideally located opposite Lake Zurich and close to the SBB train station, is a flagship project for the Lausanne real estate fund management company Realstone SA and for the municipality of Horgen. This new modern and dynamic living space, which focuses on sustainable development and social diversity, is a concrete answer to the needs and expectations of Zurich residents.

The innovative management of energy resources enables the district to have a low environmental impact. Supplied by geothermal probes and a system for recovering the residual heat from the computer servers in the neighboring building, the heating is CO2-free.2. The buildings are all built according to the Minergie standard and have photovoltaic modules on the roofs. Eventually it will be 3007 m2 of panels that will be installed – for a total power of 561 kW – and which will supply the electricity needs of 225 homes. In addition, with a new pedestrian bridge, which will connect the Horgen Oberdorf district directly with the SBB station, 180 pre-wired parking spaces for electromobility and 500 parking spaces for bicycles, a large part of the clean and gentle mobility will be granted.

The 210 already rented apartments with 1.5 to 5.5 rooms inaugurated today are aimed at families, students or pensioners. The project also features commercial arcades, offices and even a crèche to welcome children from the neighborhood. Due to the outdoor area with several playgrounds, a water basin and numerous wooded areas, the future residents will also benefit from living and meeting rooms in a pleasant green environment.

“We are proud and happy to celebrate this important step for this new place, which is already emblematic and exemplary in terms of environmental impact,” stated Esteban Garcia, President of the Realstone Group. In fact, Horgen Oberdorf perfectly embodies our philosophy of responding to local needs through projects that are ambitious, sustainable and accessible to as many people as possible.”

Parallel to this inauguration, the foundation stone for the last construction phase was laid. It is about the renovation and extension of the former halls of the textile machine company Schweiter. Planned with respect for the proposed architectural heritage and as a tribute to the site’s industrial history, this construction will provide the district with 234 additional housing units, which will have 444 added from 2024, spread over 6’300m2 of living space spread over more than 33,000m22 commercial and administrative areas. Particular attention was also paid to the quality of the finishes to make Horgen Oberdorf a model for a sustainable, friendly, modern and dynamic district.

“With the new Quarter Horgen Oberdorf you will now experience a further development of our history in Horgen. This story began at the end of the XIXe Century with the construction of the railway line between Zurich and Zug, the proximity of which contributes to the development of this new place of residence,” said Beat Nüesch, Mayor of Horgen.

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