BNP Paribas AM presents its strategic ambitions for the next three years

“We have been able to grow sustainably and create value for our customers, our employees and society as a whole, and our goal is to maintain this momentum,” explains Sandro Pierri, CEO of BNPP AM.

BNP Paribas Asset Management today presents its strategic ambitions for 2025. Following its successful transformation plan, completed between 2016 and 2021, BNPP AM now has a solid foundation and a clearly defined roadmap. The company has proven its resilience and agility in complex environments and, in view of the current economic and geopolitical conditions, intends to continue on its course and to accelerate its growth in a targeted manner.

By 2025, BNPP AM aims to:

  • to be the leading sustainable investor in Europe
  • define a clear path towards carbon neutrality for its assets under management
  • 90% of its open-ended funds are Article 8 or 91 according to SFDR regulations
  • continue to grow above the market

“BNPP AM has built an integrated and efficient model despite a complex and competitive environment,” explains Sandro Pierri, CEO of BNPP AM. “We have been able to grow sustainably and create value for our customers, our employees and society as a whole, and our aim is to maintain this momentum. The wealth management sector is currently facing profound changes, driven by the reallocation of capital towards a more sustainable and inclusive economy, new geopolitical dynamics, regulatory projects, major technological advances and demographic shifts by a younger generation of investors who are more demanding in terms of requirements of sustainability for their savings. With a robust and flexible platform, BNPP AM is perfectly positioned to continue to grow and meet these challenges.”

Over the past five years, BNPP AM has created a streamlined and dynamic platform based on an integrated model, strong investment opportunities, an efficient distribution network and an improved operational structure. BNPP AM has placed sustainable investing at the heart of its transformation with the creation and implementation of a global “sustainability” strategy. In 2021, BNPP AM marked a major turning point by renaming its brand signature to “the sustainable investor of a changing world” to better embody its values ​​embedded in the corporate culture. Thanks to a unique proposition focused on responsible investing, BNPP AM has gained a significant market share, backed by strong commercial momentum, and is now well positioned to further accelerate its development.

The wealth management industry is undergoing a profound structural change linked to the challenges of sustainable development, technological innovation, demographic changes and the geopolitical context. These large, interconnected disruptions are creating a rapidly changing environment in which BNPP AM is well positioned to capture value-creating opportunities for its customers, employees and the economy at large. BNPP AM’s strategic ambitions build on its solid foundation and focus on:

  • Strengthening his five key investment competencies: Active high-conviction strategies, Private Assets, Multi-Asset Investing, Emerging Markets and Liquidity Solutions.
  • A leadership position in sustainable investing: In line with its global “Sustainability” strategy, which defines its investment philosophy, BNPP AM intends to become the leading sustainable investor in Europe. In a transparent, science-led approach, BNPP AM will continue to expand its range of thematic funds, including ESG ETFs2and to strengthen the corporate culture in terms of sustainable development.
  • A focused distribution strategy: accelerating their development among distributors and intermediaries by addressing their growing needs for sustainable supply, while supporting institutional clients through a results-oriented approach where the role of private wealth will be crucial.
  • Leveraging Technology and Digital: Strengthening its investment capabilities and value creation through innovation in areas such as artificial intelligence, data, natural language processing and portfolio optimization algorithms; as well as improving the customer experience through a complete digitization of the value chain.
  • Contributing to the transformation of savings: Consolidating its position as a key player in the transformation of savings in France and Europe by tackling the challenges posed by demographic and societal change. These include the challenge of pensions and how to fund them, the growing appetite of younger generations to save and invest in a more digital and sustainable way, and the emergence of a new middle class in emerging markets that is more sophisticated in terms of savings.
1 Regulation 2019/2088 of the European Parliament and of the Council of November 27, 2019 on information to be provided on sustainable development in the financial services sector. Article 8 – Products promoting environmental or social properties. Article 9 – Product with a sustainable investment objective.
2 Environment, Social and Governance

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