Grande Caricaie: The beaver population has doubled since 2008

The Lausanne Sinfonietta takes the spotlight again on Sunday night at the Montreux Jazz Festival (MJF), this time sharing the stage with Icelandic star Björk. After a highly formalized work schedule, it’s time for the magic of life.

This promises to be one of the highlights of this 2022 edition of the MJF: 24 years after her first visit to Montreux (1998), the singer from Reykjavik is back on the Riviera as part of her “Orchestral Tour”. The singer-songwriter-actress is set to revisit her hybrid electro-pop repertoire and that’s why the Sinfonietta of Lausanne was chosen to accompany her at the Stravinski Auditorium.

The Vaud ensemble, founded in 1981, is used to such projects. His informal association with the MJF has lasted about twenty years. He is almost systematically invoked when it comes to pop or jazz repertoire. Before Björk, the orchestra has already been on stage with Gilberto Gil, Young Gods, Zaz and Woodkid, for example.

Thirty-two strings

Its managing director Emmanuel Dayer told Keystone-ATS behind the scenes of one such music event. “We have a collaboration with Montreux Jazz almost every year. It is an important platform for us in terms of visibility. Certain musical projects obviously get more publicity than others,” he remembers first.

“It’s part of the diverse DNA of the Sinfonietta. We like that kind of challenge. It also allows us to reach different audiences, to vary our audience,” he says. As for Björk: “You can’t refuse that. We don’t have projects like this every day. It’s just great, which makes them (…) very rhythmic and energetic. She has an extraordinary side, non-consensual opportunity and gain for our musicians,” he says.

A string orchestra with 32 musicians was requested to accompany Björk. It consists of ten violins, ten violas, ten cellos and two double basses, explains Mr. Dayer. Its conductor, Bjarni Frimann Bjarnason, is in turn part of the singer’s production team, which manages the event’s entire tightly logged work schedule. The MJF then mediates with the Sinfonietta.

“We received the music program, the song scores and all the exact arrangements two or three months ago. Our musicians found out about it about two weeks ago in order to prepare individually,” explains the director.

Just three reps

The Lausanne formation only met for the first time on Saturday, when two rehearsals were planned with the Icelandic conductor, whom the musicians therefore also met for the first time. Bjork was not present. On the other hand, there should be a “sound check” on Sunday, which should serve as the third and last rehearsal before the live concert from 8:30 p.m.

In the end, that’s only about ten hours of joint rehearsals, not to mention the individual preparation of each of the 32 musicians. “In itself it’s not necessarily a big thing, a big symphonic project. But it’s a very intense job, also very technical and with a lot of pressure. Of course, we don’t have time to be friends with the artist,” emphasizes Mr. Dayer.

“Sound, volume, frequency, light, videos, everything is timed and measured. It’s the pinnacle of professionalism,” he adds.

Beyond this strict framework, the challenge for the 32 musicians of the Vaud Chamber Orchestra lies in the «magic of life». “It has to take off to take the dough with the artist. And that’s never guaranteed. Everything depends on the artist with whom you have to create an acquiescence, an accomplice. After all, the public must openly acknowledge it.” , concludes the leader of the Sinfonietta.

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