Invasion of mosquitoes in the south, bitten a young woman 200 times

An “extraordinary episode” of mosquitoes is underway in southern France. A young woman was bitten hundreds of times near the Camargue Park.

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Be careful if you’re holidaying on the coast of southern France, there have been reports of mosquito invasions! Between Montpellier and Marseille recalls the Interdepartmental Agreement on Mosquitoes (EID) Mediterranean ” an extraordinary episode ” In progress.

Since the beginning of the week, an appearance of adult mosquitoes has been recorded in several wetlands with temporary hiding belonging to the intervention sector of the EID Méditerranée, in particular around Le Grau-du-Roi, Aigues-Mortes, La Grande-Motte. and further west Palavas, Marseillan, Gruissan and to a lesser extent around the pond of Salses “, writes the EID in its press release.

“They went everywhere, in my mouth, under my glasses…”

But this invasion sometimes takes an alarming form. Midi Libre says a young woman who was in a melon field in Fourques, near the Camargue Regional Natural Park, was attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes on Monday.

Result: More than 200 bites on the body, despite long clothing. ” I’ve never seen that before. They went everywhere, in my mouth, under my sunglasses… It was even more surprising that some of my colleagues didn’t seem to have been bitten. says Manon, 20 years old.

Although she wasn’t allergic to mosquitoes, she still had a violent reaction to the gigantic number of bites. ” The doctor gave me a break from work and clearly advised me not to expose myself to mosquitoes again. He had never seen such a reaction “, she continues.

The phenomenon is also observed a little further south near Narbonne. Affected by a large number of people bothered by this overpopulation of mosquitoes and aware of the consequences for tourist visits at the beginning of the season, the city of Gruissan, for example, asked the EID to “ a response system adapted to the exceptional annoyance “.

Because of the storms at the end of June

For example, on Sunday, a 14 km strip in urban areas will broadcast an adulticide treatment overland. ” The active ingredient in aqueous formulation allows a significant reduction in the populations of adult mosquitoes and is sprayed from dawn around 5:30 a.m. for a duration of 1h-1h15 ‘ warns the community.

For the EID, the source of this invasion is the weather, which is very humid after a long drought. ” After a prolonged period of drought across our region, June saw a series of sea storms and most notably localized thunderstorms during the night of June 23-24 (over 80mm in places) which submerged a large number of wetlands with temporary submersion resulting in the hatching of an abundance of eggs laid by the females of the anthropophilic species (biting humans) Aedes caspius and accumulated during the previous very dry period, leading to the emergence of mosquito larvae with particularly high densities “, explains the Entente. These conditions are also very favorable for the development of the tiger mosquito in urban areas.

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