Dead Space: see you tomorrow for the first pictures of the remake

EA Motive gives us an appointment for the first pictures of the remake of Dead Space this Tuesday. The opportunity for us to summarize a little what it’s all about.

[Mis à jour le 03 octobre 2022 à 17h42] A little throwback to the past, it’s 2008 and a promising game is starting to make a little noise. Created by Glenn Schofield and the teams at Visceral Games, this is Dead Space, an ultra-violent futuristic thriller that transports you into the freezing and silent vacuum of space in the 26th century. Aside from that, Dead Space is unique, although it does pick up on some terrifying elements of the awesome extraterrestrial by Ridley Scott. The game plunges the player into an unpredictable hell, stripping them of their usual sense of impunity, of the deus ex machina in power, in exchange for constant danger, sustained by a tremendously eerie sound and visual atmosphere. An impact and scope quite similar to the Silent Hill games while trading psychological violence for uncompromising gore. This will make the first two Dead Space games legends and license to the pantheon of the best horror games of all time. Well, this franchise is back! EA Motive intends to bring us a next-gen Sauce remake of the first Dead Space this Tuesday, October 4th. We rub our hands about it fourteen years later.

Before we speculate on the images EA Motive has in store for us this Tuesday, October 4th, we can already remember everything we’ve seen in this next Dead Space remake. Including a summer presentation of the project by EA Motive. So, for an hour and a half, the studio teams showed us the progress of this next-gen style remake of Dead Space. On the menu are discussions, concept art, some 3D models, and most importantly, a detailed dive into the sinister world of USG Ishimura. Back then alone, Dead Space shocked us with its realism and frightening stillness, and we’ll think twice before venturing once again through the ship’s necromorph-infested corridors, this time in a universe beset by the technological possibilities of the next world will be carried. gen consoles.

Also in terms of soundscape, Isaac Clarke will not be silent in this remake. We will find his official voice actor in Dead Space 2 and 3, Gunner Wright. A decision announced with fanfare and celebrated by the many fans who obviously wanted the original voice actor to return. It’s more than a wink, it’s an ode to the original titles, but also another element that shows the desire of the EA Motive teams to respect the legacy of these legendary games. It is true that in this type of project it is not always easy to innovate while preserving the essence of the original games. But Motive Studio seems to be on the right track.

If you don’t know the story of Dead Space, we will try to present it to you without spoiling you too much. The action takes place in the year 2508. The earth can no longer meet the needs of its inhabitants, mankind sets out in search of resources in the vast expanses of space, aboard huge mining ships, the surface breakers. One of them, SG Ishimura, suddenly stopped responding to messages. A small team of engineers are then sent on board to try and restore contact, including Isaac Clarke, the character you play.

Confirming some rumors of a possible Dead Space release delay to 2023, EA Motive has set the release to January 27, 2023. We’ll then celebrate the return of this great classic, more than 14 years after its initial release, before quickly erasing the smiles from our faces as we face the horrors that await us in the great void of space.

At the moment we know very little about this remake. We know that it will be developed by Motive, the studio behind Star Wars Squadrons, and that it will be developed on top of the Frostbite Engine, the flagship graphics engine (Battlefield 2042, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Star Wars Squadrons, etc.). by DICE and has become EA’s first choice. A remake that promises to be more realistic than ever, risking haunting the nights of even the most experienced gamers.

In an interview with IGN, Roman Campos-Oriola, the creative director behind this new project, said the Motive teams are basing their work on the original Dead Space assets while building it from the ground up: “It’s not about increasing the resolution of the textures or adding new polygons to the models. It’s really about reconstructing all these elements, capturing the animations and so on…” It is true that today there are two types of remakes, from the simple graphical enhancement (Skyward Sword HD, Age of Empires 2 HD ) to full reconstruction (Resident Evil 2, Final Fantasy 7 Remake…) and it seems that Dead Space falls into category 2. Excellent news and a most welcome modernization for a game that has changed since its release 13 years ago was a great success.

Although EA has released little information about this highly anticipated next version, we already know that it will be coming to next-gen consoles and PC. A decision that seems logical if we take into account the expected release date. If this title releases in 2022 or early 2023, it’s highly likely that next-gen consoles will dominate the market by then. It’s true that their current inventory situation doesn’t bode well, but if we are to believe some analysts, this permanent disruption in supplies should end sometime in 2024.

Prepare to return to the sinister ISG Ishimura to battle the Necromorphs in an all-out horror adventure on Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC.

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