Anton Mosimann gave us a taste of one of King Charles III’s favorite dishes


interviewAnton Mosimann gave us a taste of one of King Charles III’s favorite dishes

The Swiss, who cooked for Elizabeth II and her son, welcomed to his London eatery. The opportunity to come back to some anecdotes about the royal family.

Anton Mosimann at his Mosimann’s Restaurant in central London.

Anton Mosimann, 75, gives us an appointment for Saturday September 17th at his restaurant in the heart of London. The four-storey building looks like a chapel from the outside and like a museum from the inside. On the walls are many black and white photos of the chef in the company of celebrities: Pope Francis I, Naomi Campbell, Bill Clinton, Nicolas Sarkozy and Kofi Annan. The Swiss, who lives between the British capital and the canton of Vaud, also has some Montreux Jazz Festival posters that perfectly match the venue’s chic vibe.

He welcomes us at the bar on the first floor. Black bow tie, impeccable suit and a small smile behind his white mustache, he starts the conversation by talking about his childhood, a glass of water in hand. “I like to say that I was practically born on the kitchen floor.” Since his parents were restaurateurs, Anton Mosimann always wanted to follow the same path. At 25, he is one of the youngest chefs to receive a chef de cuisine diploma. Since then it’s been raining on prices and reservations. When asked if there’s an event he enjoys cooking for, he unsurprisingly replies, “There are so many, I can’t decide.” He thinks particularly of the time he cooked for Margaret Thatcher and brags that he has made menus for seven different Prime Ministers in Britain.

But his greatest pride remains being able to work for the royal family. Of course, the interview continues with Queen Elizabeth II. With a touch of melancholy and a lot of nostalgia, Anton Mosimann confides in his best memories with the Sovereign.

How are you feeling these days?

I am very saddened and shocked by the news. She was an extraordinary woman who did so much for Britain but also for the whole world. He was a respectable person who respected everyone. I have known her for over forty years now and have cooked countless meals for her.

Do you remember the first meal?

It was 1967 in Montreal, she had come to the world fair by boat. She had been invited by then Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau…

And then she hired you straight away?

no (Laughs.) The Queen Mother often came to the Dorchester, London, at lunchtime (Note: he was Master Chef there for 13 years). She loved my cooking because it was a mix of Japanese, Italian and always very simple, light and creative food. After each meal, when she got home, she would ask her cook to contact me to give her the recipes. Queen Elizabeth II has also decided to come, particularly with heads of state. We talked more and more, little by little. I also cooked at home for a famous family for four years. The sovereign came as Prince Philip’s guest of honor in October each year. I spent the weekend preparing menus for them. This allowed us to get to know each other even better.

“The Queen was an incredible woman. She was very knowledgeable on all subjects and had no problem chatting up anyone.

Anton Mosimann, chef de cuisine

You who have met her several times, how would you describe her?

She was an incredible woman. She was very knowledgeable on all subjects and had no problem chatting up anyone. She was also very understanding. I had the chance to be appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire by the Queen in 2004. It was a unique moment. I was this little Swiss who receives this great award. I could not believe my eyes. Not to mention that she had a very good sense of humor… She rarely showed it in public, but always in private.

What moment did you particularly appreciate in his company?

After dinner with the aforementioned family, we all went to see a Jack Nicholson film. We were only eight people in the living room. I was in the back with my deputy. The Queen couldn’t stop laughing and commenting on the film, it was nice to see her like this.

Did the queen have a favorite dish?

She liked lamb and salmon. She liked to eat, but always small portions. On the other hand, she refused to have garlic in her dishes at public events. That wasn’t a problem in private.

And Charles III, does he like the same kind of cuisine?

He likes simple and organic things. It doesn’t need a lot of different flavors on the plate. For example, one of his favorite dishes is my mushroom risotto. It is the best! (He bursts out laughing.) Lady Diana was also particularly fond of him. She has been here several times with William and Harry.

We still dream of Anton Mosimann's famous risotto.  It melts creamy on the tongue and you can feel the small splash of champagne.

We still dream of Anton Mosimann’s famous risotto. It melts creamy on the tongue and you can feel the small splash of champagne.

What is your opinion of the new king?

He is unbelievable. He works very hard. People don’t see how much he gives every day. He works with many charities. He also loves his farm very much, where he has spent a lot of time. Everything has to be organic for him. I cook for him about four times a month and he is always very nice. He sends me a thank you letter after each reception.

Are you coming to the funeral on Monday?

I do not know yet. Everything is very strict and places are limited. There are many heads of state and kings and queens… If I have the opportunity, I will go.

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