Techno-tested Jabra Elite 7 Pro | Stunning sound, irritating bugs

With rich sound and unparalleled phone call support, the Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds outperform all of their competitors. Too bad that some software aspects are not up to date.

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Karim Benessaieh

Karim Benessaieh
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Jabra has built an enviable reputation for the sound quality of its in-ear Bluetooth headphones over the years. The new model, Elite 7 Pro, goes in the same direction, with a rich and enveloping bass and a definition in the high and mid frequencies that bring a delicious precision to the music.

Unless you’re using high-quality headphones, we don’t know of any Bluetooth headphones that sound as good, neither AirPods nor Galaxy Buds or Pixel Buds.

We have a tool in our in-house application right from the start, sound+, which calibrates the headphones to your hearing ability. Sounds ranging from very high frequencies to almost inaudible bass allow the Elite 7 Pro earphones to assess the condition of your hearing and deliver the appropriate sound.

A fit test, MyFit, is also available. Here you can choose between the three offered tip sizes. Each earbud has three customizable controls based on how many times you tap them, including forward, back, answer a call, hang up, or activate a voice assistant.

In theory, we can use it to call up Alexa, Siri or the Google Assistant. We’ll come back to that.

Jabra has taken phone call management even a step further thanks to a system called Jabra Multisensor Voice. First, outside, the background noise of the wind is almost magically erased. With four effective microphones and a bone conduction sensor, you’ll hear your voice clearly, just like your conversation partner’s. Call quality is impressive.

The battery life of each earbud reaches 8 hours, and the case, which charges via USB-C or magnetically, adds 22 hours. It is also possible to use only one earphone at a time; the sound then becomes mono.

The Elite 7 Pro features Active Ambient Noise Cancellation (ANC) which is quite effective in noisy environments like the subway. You can switch from noise-cancelling to the opposite mode called HearThrough, which on the contrary amplifies the surrounding noise, with a click on the left earbud.

The ability to pair the headphones with two devices was absent during the initial launch last December and was finally rolled out last January.

For example, you can connect the headphones to your phone for calls and to your computer for video conferences. Only the device that can output sound takes control of the headphones.

The headphones have been redesigned, smaller and lighter than previous models, with a horn that goes deeper into the ear. Even if at first glance they were not designed for sports, they held up well and never fell out during physical activity. They are IP57 rated, meaning minimally resistant to dust and water, with a two-year warranty on both.

We love less

Android users are not entitled to one configuration at the moment: the application sound+ missing from the Google Play Store, for mysterious reasons that even Jabra can’t explain. “We hope to find a solution soon, but we don’t have a time estimate at this time,” the Jabra website warns.

As a result, we couldn’t try the Google Assistant on these headphones. The iOS version offers Alexa or Siri. Summoning them is a headache: Alexa only works when the Amazon app is open, and Siri doesn’t understand the instructions very well.

Not easy at all to manage the connection between two devices. Sometimes there is no sound, sometimes the second device refuses to connect. The function is obviously not on point.

You buy?

Big dilemma here. On the one hand we have an unparalleled sound quality and phone call handling that would highly recommend us this purchase. But the temporary absence of the app for Android prevents any customization, even if it is possible to simply connect them via Bluetooth, and the addition of the three voice assistants lacks closure. If these two things bother you, don’t buy.

Sheet: Elite 7 Pro

Manufacturer: Jabra

Price: $259.99

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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