Inetum: Acquisition completed by Bain Capital Private Equity

The group of investors was led by Bain Capital PE, including NB Renaissance and the digital solutions company’s management team.

Inetum announces the completion of its acquisition by Bain Capital Private Equity, accelerating the execution of its UPSCALE25 strategic plan.

Negotiations initiated in January 2022 resulted in the sale of Mannai Corporation QPSC’s entire stake in Inetum SA to Bain Capital Private Equity. With the success of this operation, Inetum is committed to continuing its strategic plan launched in 2022 with UPSCALE25, driven by its international growth momentum and its positioning as the main provider (Top 5) of IT services in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

A common goal with Bain Capital Private Equity

The group of investors was led by Bain Capital Private Equity, including NB Renaissance and the Inetum management team. The transaction involves the entire interest held by Mannai Corporation QPSC, which represents approximately 99% of the share capital of Inetum SA on a basic basis. Inetum SA is the parent company of an international group offering digital services and solutions.

This operation represents a restructuring step in the history of the group and aims to allow it, together with its new partners, to increase production and development capacities in all activities and geographic areas where the company operates.
Inetum’s many performance indicators, such as revenue of more than €2.219 billion in 2021, are up +16% in face value* with organic growth of +4.9%* and an operating margin of 7.4%, an improvement of 110 points (6.3% in 2020), combined with strong market growth prospects, seem to be taken as proof of the sustainability of the group’s activities. The new dimension of the group, a key partner to large and upper mid-market clients internationally and an expert in creating value through successful acquisitions throughout its history, drives Inetum and Bain Capital Private Equity to engage together. A new chapter for the ESN with a positive digital flow, always at the service of organizations and society.

“The past few months have allowed us to forge a strong relationship with Inetum’s management team and appreciate their experience, credibility, innovation and values ​​of dedication and excellence in leading the business growth. We see strong potential to further accelerate Inetum’s growth and capabilities across all business lines and geographies in which the group operates,” said Matthias Boyer Chammard, one of the managing directors in the area of ​​financial and business technology and vertical industrial products and partners at European Private Equity team at Bain Capital Private Equity.

UPSCALE25, Inetum’s new action plan

With the entry of Bain Capital Private Equity, Inetum has secured the necessary resources to be able to respond to the group’s strong growth prospects. The conditions for the implementation of the UPSCALE25 Action Plan, aimed at accelerating the development of Inetum’s investments and in line with the UPSCALE23 Strategic Plan, have been met.

According to Vincent Rouaix, Chairman and CEO of Inetum: “The new international dimension of the group and the arrival of new partners in 2022 allow us to increase our potential to further expand Inetum’s growth and capacities in all activities and geographic areas accelerate where we operate. We are launching UPSCALE25, our new action plan, in line with the ambitious strategic decisions made over the last few years. Whether with our customers by imagining the solutions of the future, by supporting them by integrating technological innovations into the power of their business model, or by accelerating our presence in new international markets, we are committed to improving our business model improve efficiencies while reaffirming our expansion strategy and building a culture of positive digital flow with our talent for our clients.”

The transition from UPSCALE23 to UPSCALE25 aims to consolidate the Group’s dynamism in all major aspects of its activities:

  • Digitization of all production capacities
  • Ensure organic growth above the market average
  • Focus on vertical and middle markets
  • Invest and retain key talent for transforming digital uses
  • The implementation of specific partnerships with suppliers to increase the know-how of the group
  • Make strategic acquisitions to consolidate the know-how and international dimension of the group
* Results before agency settlement. After agency accounting, physical and organic growth was 13% and 4.2%, respectively.

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