Hamraoui case: Aminata Diallo released under judicial supervision


Hamraoui caseAminata Diallo released under judicial supervision

The former PSG player has been released and placed under judicial supervision after being charged with “grave violence” and “criminal association” in attacking her ex-teammate.

Aminata Diallo is believed to be the sponsor of the November 2021 assassination attempt by Kheira Hamraoui.


After five days on remand, she comes out of jail: Footballer Aminata Diallo, charged with “serious violence” and “criminal association” in the investigation into the attack on her ex-Teammate at Paris Saint-Germain Kheira Hamraoui, was released on Wednesday and under subject to judicial supervision. The international (7 selections for the France team), without a club since her contract with PSG expired in June 2022, had to post bail of €30,000 and live with her father in Grenoble, his birthplace. with a weekend stand and a ban on contact with players and the PSG club, prosecutors told AFP.

A decision that was immediately challenged by the Versailles prosecutor, who appealed. “The case will be discussed by the investigative chamber within two months,” he told AFP.

The player, believed to be the sponsor of this attack committed in Chatou (Yvelines) in November 2021, took part in the debate before the Judge of Liberty and Detention (JLD) in Versailles on Wednesday. She came to the hearing handcuffed and in black sweatpants, a down jacket and black sneakers, her face closed and her eyes sunken. The debates were held behind closed doors at the request of the prosecution and defense because “the colossal leaks of the investigation serve Ms Diallo,” estimated one of her lawyers, Me Romain Ruiz, during the hearing. Asked by AFP about the advice, neither Romain Ruiz nor the player’s two other lawyers, Mourad Battikh and Chloé Redon, wanted to react.

The sequence of events remains unclear

Also in this case, four men born between 1999 and 2003 were charged with the same charges of “criminal association” and “grave violence”. Two were arrested and two placed under judicial supervision. While being questioned in police custody by investigators from the Criminal Investigation Department’s Crime Prevention Brigade (BRB), they implicated Aminata Diallo and presented the former PSG player as “the sponsor of the violence for allowing him to take the position of victim in future competitions”, according to the public prosecutor. But the exact course of events has not yet been clearly clarified by the investigators. Of the four men charged, one admitted to kicking and the other three said they were present at the scene.

On November 4, 2021, in Chatou (Yvelines), Kheira Hamraoui was attacked with iron bars and hit on the legs by two men in front of Aminata Diallo while the two players were returning from a team dinner together by car. Diallo was initially taken into police custody before being released without charge. The player at issue in this case harbored a “hatred” of Hamraoui on the back of a sporting rivalry, according to the cited investigative report The Parisian and AFP confirmed by another source familiar with the matter. According to this report, if she was bugged by investigators, she was also in close contact with players’ agent César M., on whom she put pressure during the investigation.

Hamraoui ‘believed he was going to die’

Kheira Hamraoui’s relationship with several of her teammates, most notably Marie-Antoinette Katoto and Kadidiatou Diani, had deteriorated sharply following the attack, with the latter accusing her of first taking Aminata Diallo into police custody.

The directive has been extended to the head of organized fraud, but no charges have yet been filed in this section.

The attack had dealt Kheira Hamraoui multiple stitches in his legs and hands and severely disrupted his 2021-2022 season, which saw the midfielder, who was under contract with PSG until 2023, removed from the group. She was reinstated in the PSG team on Tuesday. “Today I trust that justice will bring truth to light and my honor will be washed. I can’t wait for my name to be associated with just the sports pages again and leave the legal parts,” she wrote in a press release shared on social media on Saturday. The news is accompanied by photos showing the injuries to her hands and legs resulting from her attack, an attack she says she “thought she was going to die” that left her “day and night tracked”.


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