The RGB collection lets you explore digital comics

Since 2018, the RGB Collection has offered comic book writers the opportunity to explore the 9th art in digital form. It is now reissued in a new material format that takes the form of full color 45rpm covers.

Founded in 2018, the RGB Collection is a Swiss publisher dedicated exclusively to digital comics, defending interactive works created for the screen, but always with the reading quality as a guideline.

On the platform, each title presented has a different style, different navigation, but everything is quite instinctive. The authors offer stories that play with the format. The size of the boxes can go in all directions and the navigation between them is not necessarily linear. Likewise, the artist has the opportunity to go back in the sequences and suddenly a box disappears, a bubble changes, a sick character starts blinking.

Independent Comic Stars

It’s fun, but not only. We sense a real need among these artists to figure out how to train this wild horse that is digital comics and conquer these uncharted territories of digital sequential art.

The writers edited by the RGB Collection are among the stars of independent comics. We find Oriane Lassus, Aude Barrio, Benoît Preteseille, Antoine Marchalot and Pierre Schilling among others, including the digital comic Sur la road – a story that offers a completely crazy road trip with several crazy characters on an American road – was with the Pottery Prize 2020 awarded.

Interactive comics focused on reading

Yannis La Macchia, founder of the collection, is part of this independent movement. Author (“Des Batisseurs” edited by Atrabile) and comic book publisher (Hécatombe collective), also teaches at the Geneva School of Comics and Illustration. With this collection, he wanted to make true interactive digital comics that are read-focused, clickable and navigable, but without it becoming a video game.

For this project he collaborated with the company Net Oxygen in Geneva for the technical part and with many authors and writers of independent comics for the artistic part.

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“Digital comics have been discussed for a very long time as a potential thing that never really existed. Some writers wanted to see what it could be. I think it’s why all those writers wanted to follow us on Adventure. The RGB Collection is a place we wanted to create for this comic book that had potential but has now become a reality,” explains RTS Yannis La Macchia.

A physical format in the form of 45 RPM

Since its introduction, the RGB collection around ten titles in the form of small code cards. Today this entire collection is re-released in a new physical format in the form of 45rpm covers.

Inside, a code card provides access to the digital comic at the gathering place and some goodies – postcard, sticker, bookmark. “We wanted to find a form of materiality and be able to work with booksellers,” says Yannis La Macchia. A beautiful object linked to a digital work to have the best of both worlds.

We also have to commend the attention to detail that this collection brings: digital works can be resold, given away or even loaned between users, as a physical book would be.

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