Degen Sweepers: The NFT project aiming to be #1

A new NFT collection is born and the Urkann army couldn’t be happier. Whose goal? Gather all swords from Solana and beyond. Overview of this colorful project.

What is Degen Sweepers?

It is a collection of 10,000 NFTs with unmodifiable metadata, developed by Urkann, investor, successful businessman and co-founder of the NFT Factory in Paris. He also wears the hat of a crypto influencer and supporter of the Solana ecosystem. In reality, it’s difficult to talk about this project without alluding to the man who sponsored it. This is because the Degen sweepers have been designed entirely around Urkann’s branding. However, they were created by the contemporary artist resist.

Urkann is one of the leading figures in the crypto sphere on Twitter where he is followed by thousands of people. He is known for the success of his investments in NFTs, which he achieves through a comprehensive strategy. This method consists of purchasing the “ land price” a collection with great potential in bulk for then the ” diamond hand ” Where ” hodlover a Long period of time. Urkann has made a name for himself through projects such as Solana Monkey Business, SolGods, (The Fracture) Trippin Ape Tribe and Degods. Thanks to his achievements, his nickname was rejected Urkanning» a phrase that has practically replaced the term“sweep” in technical jargon.

Degen Sweepers is a response to the desire of his community, which he affectionately calls Urkann Army, to host an NFT collection of which he is the author. In addition, from the perspective of his followers, it is an opportunity to take care of their shared passion for NFTs, but above all to get more in touch with their mentor.

Some NFTs from the Degen Sweepers collection

With Degen Sweepers I want to bring together all Degens from Solana and beyond (Ethereum) under a single entity: Urkann Army. And together [nous allons] bring maximum value to our hodlers and ecosystem through Degen City”, Urkann told us.

As a reminder, Degens refer to a crypto subculture of traders who are driven solely by the lure of profit and a desire to have fun. The Urkann Army aims to develop the entire NFT Sphere on Solana. In addition, it also aims to create maximum value to meet the needs of the community. It should also be noted that this “army” is growing significantly and at a very sustained pace. Urkann has also teamed up with the talented developer Ryuk who is also CTO of Degen Sweeper to achieve two common goals: to provide maximum value and to become the #1 project, all blockchains together.

Degen sweepers, just a collection of NFTs? Nothing more ?

Degen Swepers is an ambitious project that is by no means limited to the NFT collection mentioned above. In reality, the scope of this initiative is much broader. It revolves around three main elements.

First, there is an NFT marketplace. There are already several on the market dedicated to trading collectibles, such as OpenSea or Magic Eden. For its part, Degen Sweepers’ proposal is to offer a complete platform tailored to the specific needs of Degens. Unique tools should soon emerge to improve user experience. In addition, the marketplace integrates aPurse with multiple chainsto support payments from any network. The marketplace will also donate a portion of the revenue to users. This means that the latter can automatically receive a percentage on the purchases of users connected to them. But that’s all we know at the moment.

Then we have Degen City, the ecosystem that will be developed around the Degen Sweepers collection. Collectible owners of this series have access to a number of benefits within this virtual metropolis (exclusive areas, housing for hodlers). But more broadly, it should be viewed as a one-stop shop that brings together everything related to Solana and Ethereum NFTs. Degen City will be available in two versions. First an ordinary web version. And second, a built-in Metaverse version of The Sandbox. It will be built on a 24×24 lot owned by Urkann. It should be noted that properties of this size are very popular in the market and this property in particular has been the subject of over $10 million in buyout offers. The idea is to bring all Degens together in a single place to exchange and share, with full access to all community services. This universe will include the NFT marketplace, cinemas, stadiums, bars, casinos, residences and even malls to collaborate with different brands and bring the Degen City ecosystem to life.

Finally, the project plans to launch its own token, the $DEGEN, which is set to be released at the end of September. It will be at the heart of exchanges within the ecosystem and can be ported to both the Solana and Ethereum networks. This token will be the backbone of the entire ecosystem alongside the NFT collection and will provide benefits to all its hodlers. For example, they can use it to participatelaunch padson the NFT marketplace, which will be launched shortly.

Launched just a few months ago, the NFT Degen Sweepers collection is already a hit with the community. Between the artistic beauty of the proposed works and the macroeconomic vision that animates the project, it has it all. Additionally, the startup recently closed a seed-stage funding round that sold 1,968 NFTs from the 10,000 in the collection for $200 each. These sales, representing 20% ​​of global supply, generated a total of 9879.37 SOL. Subsequently, 55% of the funds raised were converted into stablecoins to fund the development of Degen City. Now it’s up to the team to turn this idea into reality to add even more value to the Urkann army. However, another round of funding is planned very soon…

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