Stradominio WHO: the thirst for power hidden in the new pandemic treaty by its financiers | Diego Fusaro

“The health of the world needs one WHO harder”. These are the words spoken (without periphrasis) from General manager of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesushe said in the opening of theGeneva Assembly, in which the WHO met and clarified its intentions. WHO has launched the program for the next five years. The general idea behind the forum is, of course, to significantly enhance the structure WHO, starting with the funding that should be guaranteed. Obviously, the WHO can play a boost, thanks to the situation that has arisen in these two years. The pandemic of Coronavirus it has made the power of the WHO more evident than ever and has now set the essential and decisive conditions for the WHO itself to be able to relaunch and try to greatly enhance itself.

The pandemic order is not destined to be resolved in the short term. This is the general theme, indeed strictly speaking, as we ourselves have tried several times to underline, we have entered the phase of techno-capitalismwhich we have tried to qualify as therapeutic capitalism, centered on the figure of the techno-sanitary leviathan and, therefore, on a sort of integral medicalization of citizens’ life and on the presence of repressive liberticidal measures always justified in the name ofemergency and the protection of health. From forced home confinement, to social distancing, from teleworking to the ban on assemblies.

Here, the WHO has been playing, for some time now, a role that is by no means secondary. It appears to be an institution Super partes and concretely as the umpteenth expression and appendage of the power of the dollar monarchy. We can say that the WHO, from a certain point of view, is a kind of Born medical-health type. The WHO in fact, casually presents itself as Super partes but it is enough to look at the funding on which it is based to understand what the power relations really are and what the real orientations of this structure are. Only apparently Super partesWHO is funded largely by United States of America and is largely financed by private groups, among which the association of Bill Gates.

In short, the WHO is not Super partes but it is one of the many organisms that, in the context of unhappy globalization, pretend to be Super partes and produce a de-sovereignty of the National States bringing back the power come on National Parliaments, more or less democratic, to supranational entities that are not intrinsically democratic. In this regard, it is enough to consider what we have been discussing for days: a new one pandemic treaty which should (it is said) be ready for 2024. Among the proposals on the table, there is also that of significantly increasing the powers of the WHO organization. To do this, this is the consequence, it is necessary to reduce the powers to the individual nation states.

Basically, if this were to happen, there would be in perspective a supranational organization capable of acting, in the shadow of cases, above the national sovereignties of the individual countries. In short, the WHO would start to become even more than it already is, a supranational institution capable of managing from above, bypassing national sovereignties and the management of any pandemics that will come. Furthermore, let us not forget that from many sides, fromUN as far as Ursula Von Der Leyenit has already been said that we have entered the era of the pandemic.

Well, with this process of over-nationalization we have a fully coherent development of the globalist processes of over-nationalization, those that have already been removing the power of national sovereign states and therefore of more or less democratic parliaments for some time. All of this obviously appears to be justified by thepandemic emergency but once again the crisis plays a governmental role, since it hides the interests of the ruling classes behind presumed objective reasons no boarderand among these interests we know, that of removing the management of things, especially the economy from national power as the last bastion of possible residues of democracy and sovereign management by the peoples.

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