“Ineptitude”, the beautifully danced escape by Laurence Yadi in Lucerne

Laurence Yadi from Geneva is presenting «Ineptitude» at the Théâtre de Lucerne until June 17th. A rare collaboration between a French-speaking choreographer and the ballet of a German-speaking institution. A success.

It is only a stone’s throw away from the famous Chapel Bridge, right in the center of Lucerne. A small park between the river and the old town. This is where the Lucerne Theater has set up its “box”, a temporary wooden auditorium, for performances outside of the venerable building.

The gesture is simple and very symbolic. At the invitation of the Théâtre de Lucerne to create a show for the dancers of his ballet in this “box”, the Geneva choreographer Laurence Yadi had the partitions removed. Here this room is open every evening to the breeze of the Reuss and to the curious glances of passers-by who can enjoy the spectacle from the outside. Light and transparent curtains of pink and purple replace the walls. With the wind, they seem to dance in unison with the troupe. It was a closed theater, it became the summer pavilion of Scheherazade.

Between West and East

Laurence Yadi is the thinking and dancing half of Company 7273. With Nicolas Cantillon, she invented and refined a new perspective on the body and dance. It’s called Multi Style Fuitt Fuitt. To say the least, we want to smile. To see it, we get carried away by this type of dancing where the bodies no longer seem to have any frame to be nothing more than a perpetually fluid movement, like a dance art close to calligraphy. Laurence Yadi has French and Algerian roots. Above all, however, his interest in the Orient of Egypt and Lebanon prompted his company 7273 to explore the connections that might exist between their conception of contemporary dance and the musical modes of the Arab world.

Nine years ago this was translated into “Tarab”, a revelation and a triumph. The show still tours the world. A few days ago it was in Tunisia. Soon, on June 19th, it will hit the big screen at the Geneva International Oriental Film Festival (FIFOG). We present “Searching for Tarab”, a film by the Swiss-Egyptian duo Sandra Gysi and Ahmed Abdel Mohsen, who explored this search for oriental ecstasy and letting go that Laurence Yadi, Nicolas Cantillon and their company almost lost tababthat second and unspeakable state, that duende dear to the heart of the poetess Lorca, appears not in extremis two weeks before its premiere: a dance between East and West, contemporary and steeped in the ancient modes of classical Arabic music.

A feeling of ecstasy

Let’s get back to the Lucerne «Box». We sat all over the dance floor. The show “Ineptie” begins with restraint, observation and subdued fluctuations before gradually developing a sense of fusion and ecstasy between these dozen dancers as they gaze, touch and mingle with the sound of music by Egyptian group Islam Chipsy. “Ineptie” is the spectacle of our sensual post-covid reunion with our hearts, our bodies and our loved ones. An ode to resilience, reminiscent of Laurence Yadi’s recent journey.

A picture from the show “Ineptie”. [Ingo Hoehn – Compagnie 7273]

It is rare that choreographers from French-speaking Switzerland are invited to create shows in Outre-Sarine with the Théâtres de Ville, those German-speaking institutions where you can often find a theater company, an opera company, an orchestra and a ballet under one roof. This is the case of the Théâtre de Lucerne, which wanted to open up to French-speaking Switzerland and, in particular, to female artists.

Recently, the Vevey choreographer Jasmine Morand proposed a show for the Lucerne Ballet as part of the Steps Festival. Unfortunately, the pandemic had then knocked out the limelight. Today, Geneva native Laurence Yadi takes advantage of this invitation to forge links between the daring of the contemporary independent scene and these venerable institutions. It may bear the title “Ineptie”, this relevant show is worth the Lucerne detour.

Thierry Sartoretti/ld

“awkwardness”, Theater Lucerneuntil June 17th.

“Searching for Tarab”, Geneva, Cinéma du Grütli, June 19 at 2:30 p.m. as part of the FIFOG, Geneva International Oriental Film Festival.

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