To compete with Google Maps, Apple updates plans in France

Starting this Friday, July 8, Apple is rolling out its new Maps mapping in France and Monaco. Navigation improves, as does modeling of buildings and environments. Tour planning tools, guides or even more intensive instructions are on the program with the update.

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A few months after making its new version available in the United States, Apple Plans finally makes its way to France. The update is available to all users in mainland France and Monaco from this Friday, July 8th.

After criss-crossing France with its little cars that have come to map everything, Apple finally offers a more precise version of its maps, with better modeled buildings, more detailed environments and all in 3D. This major update affects the main road network, as well as secondary roads and the roads of the main French cities.

A Google Street View feature with applesauce

The new version provides a more accurate mapping of highways, national, departmental and others. Under Thousand you can also find recognizable buildings, especially for cultural monuments and public facilities. The Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum are just as recognizable on the navigation map as the Casino of Monte-Carlo in Monaco or the citadel of Carcassonne.

Apple Maps 2022 update
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The overhaul of the maps includes a better identification of places and monuments as well as roads, forests and rivers. This greatly facilitates navigation, since there are many more details available, views of landscapes, some of which thanks to the can be viewed before setting off look around which gives you a 360° view of places like Google Street View.

This is also used by information about places, travel guides or multiple data about a website, e.g. B. an area to be visited accompanied. The 360° view will also prove to be a real tool to get to know a place before you even move and to identify the points of interest to add to a personalized travel guide, a kind of great list of things to see or can do.

Hey Siri, what are we going to visit?

In particular, the use of Siri is improved. The indications are more detailed in particular about the path to be taken or the direction after the elements. In particular, the voice assistant will show you the middle, right or left lane to take, whether you need to turn before or after the traffic light, to make navigation easier for you. Everything can be done by voice in natural language to provide the most accurate information possible. No more reason to choose the wrong direction, take the exit or turn in the lane. Plans also adds real-time traffic or speed information.

Apple Maps 2022 update
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Apple, aware of the delay of its application compared to Google Maps, has therefore accelerated the new functions and multiplied the new Maps, in order to improve not only navigation but also the use of the app to create guides personalized use with your recommendations of Places of Interest , plan your trips with management and preparation tools and a 360° vision of future places to visit. Just like on Waze, you can let your loved ones know your estimated time of arrival by simply sharing your route and therefore the estimated time of arrival.

360° view

To enrich the maps like Waze does for itself or for Google Maps, you can report an incident, road hazard or other alert, even to Siri with a simple “There is an incident“.

Whoever says cartography and navigation says both road and transport. The stops are much better mentioned. You can also indicate your favorite lines or get information on your iPhone or Apple Watch to know when to prepare to get off the train. As the bicycle data gradually enriches the application, the pedestrian data is already taken into account. Apple Plans will therefore refine the walking routes for several cities such as Paris, Marseille, Lyon and Nice. The iPhone can be used to scan the surrounding buildings for Plan to identify, enriching his navigation and offering ideas for exploring the area.

Apple Route Plans
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But Maps doesn’t just want to be reduced to using it from point A to point B, it adds several features to the app to increase usage. It will provide information about the elevation level in the city for different cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Montreal or London. With the flyover function, you can fly over a photorealistic modeled 3D city for more immersion, whether streets, historical sites, streets, in panorama as a simple view. Some French airports and shopping malls will also offer interior maps to avoid getting lost even with the locations of toilets such as shops and restaurants.

Siri can also scan your calendars, reminders, emails, etc. to always have relevant information about your next flight, the direction of the airport, the direction to the terminal, the arrival and boarding time or even all the data about your flight in real time.

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