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MotoGP 2023: For Miguel Oliveira, we know why it’s stuck but not yet where to go – Paddock GP

Miguel Oliveira managed to be the star of a non-event in Germany at a press conference announced with great fanfare on Thursday at the Sachsenring. The agenda was the future and after almost half an hour of palaver it turned out that the Portuguese would not be on the official KTM team in 2023. A no-brainer after signing Jack Miller to a two-year deal, while Brad Binder has a lease until 2024. Everyone awaited the news of an installation at Gresini Ducati. But for a variety of reasons, nothing has caught on on this subject. And with good reason, there are still many obstacles…

where will go Miguel Oliveira in 2023? The question also applies to many of his colleagues, who have their sights set on the same spots as him all the more since they are the only ones available in the paddock… But with this free press conference, the four-time MotoGP winner joins in KTM attracted attention. It is worth remembering that he is managed by his father Paulo, who spoke in the columns of Speedweek about what looks like an Imbroglio.

First, according to Paddock sources, there was a recall KTM sure that Miguel Oliveira could not embark alone on the reveal of his future due to his contract with the brand, which prohibits him from highlighting any other manufacturer. Which would have been the case with an announcement mention Gresini Or others. So we had to row back. But back to the beginning: what happened? Miguel Oliveira plan to go KTM ? His father and manager says: We negotiated with KTM in Argentina about the option to continue with KTM “, said Paulo Oliveira. ” Miguel’s goal was to stay with Red Bull KTM for four more years, almost for the rest of his life.. But in the end it wasn’t possible “.

In May we received the suggestion that Miguel would return to Tech3 he adds. “However, we felt that Miguel deserved his place in the Red Bull factory team thanks to his results, not only in MotoGP but also thanks to his past successes in Moto3 and Moto2. “. And he clarifies this assessment, which will not make everyone smile…” Coming back to Tech3 is like a level down. Miguel cannot accept that. I think it’s time to retire from KTM “.

Nevertheless, the Portuguese clan does not close the door: ” We are still evaluating this option because we have a very good relationship with Pit Beirer and Stefan Pierer. The last six years with KTM have been great and have resulted in many achievements “. Therefore, we reserve the option KTM up his sleeve whileAlex Espargaro uncovered in Germany that Aprilia was negotiating with Oliveira. Which gives us two clues.

Miguel Oliveira 2023: ” we also spoke to Alberto Puig from Repsol-Honda

And the third, which we thought was the first, and that’s from Gresini Ducati ? Well, there is one concern and last but not least. It is reported by Autosport: The main obstacle is financial. As a matter of fact, Ducati won’t pay Oliveira’s salary, because the 27-year-old driver does not correspond to the Italian brand’s current youth development philosophy. At this trap Paulo Oliveira reply : ” Miguel doesn’t run for the money. Of course, it’s important to reward the pilot’s skills. But money is the least important part of this business here “.

Finally, there’s the Hyundai problem… It’s a personal sponsor of Miguel Oliveira and Ducati, which is part of the Audi group, finds it difficult to see this mark on the suit of a pilot driving one of its Desmosedici. Conversely, one of the supporters of Gresini is the Portuguese brand OLI, specialized in cooking. In short, we’re not out of the sand with the Lusitanians…” We have to discuss and then see what we have in hand. And finally, the pilot decides which way to go, not me said Paulo Oliveira. ” I make different suggestions and then Miguel decides what’s best for him and what he’s going to do. I highly recommend it » ends the good father who slips: « we also spoke to Alberto Puig from Repsol-Honda » …

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