Thomas Chisholm, chef at the Chocho restaurant in Paris

Thomas Chisholm, former Top Chef contestant, is now at the helm of the Chocho restaurant in Paris. Here is his biography.

[Mis à jour le 23 mai 2022 à 10h40] Thomas Chisholm, emblematic candidate of Season 12 of Top ChefHe now runs his own restaurant, Chocolate, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Recently attacked with a knife on the sidelines of the Taste of Paris culinary festival, the chef is now over the hill and should be back in the kitchen soon. While you’re waiting to find him in the kitchen, here’s his bio.

What is the background of Thomas Chisholm?

Thomas was born in New York to parents from the Pyrénées-Orientales. When he was 13, they decided to return to their homeland. The shock is hard in Perpignan: “When I arrived here, I could neither read nor write French. So, at the end of middle school, I was advised not to go to general secondary school because I was late., Thomas tells The Independent. He left to do his third-year internship alongside Alexandre Klimenko, the chef at the gourmet restaurant at the Park Hotel in Perpignan, the Chapon Fin. “At that time I was very attracted to art, I even got a scholarship to New York to study at the Pratt Institute art school. When I saw Klimenko working on his dressage, I felt similar emotions as painting. So I got a BEP and then a professional baccalaureate in Culinary Arts from Léon Blum High School in Perpignan.”.

As an employee he will not find a place in his city, he will move on to very nice addresses. First at the Vieux-Castillon restaurant, a 4-star hotel in the Gard, where he became sous-chef in two years, then in Paris at the Michelin-starred restaurant Itineraries with Sylvain Sendra: “It was very enriching and formative because he is an artist“. Will take up a position as chef de partie, rotating alongside Thierry Marx, at the Mandarin Oriental restaurant, where a certain Mory Sacko also officiates. Undoubtedly a great satisfaction, because Thomas has always admired Thierry Marx, but the young man has that along the way He continued his journey at 6 Paul Bert and finally at Restaurant AT, where he became deputy after Atsushi Tanaka.”A small restaurant with minimalist decor that cultivates the Japanese soul According to the Michelin Guide. There is no doubt that Thomas honed his creativity and sense of aesthetics there.

How far did he get in Top Chef?

How did he end up casting Top Chef? “I’ve always been a fan of this show. But I didn’t think I had the level to take part in the French version, I was hoping to do the American version where the requirements are lower“, Thomas admits. In the end, however, he applies for season 11, but is not selected. Fortunately, the production calls him back for the 2021 edition, and the young man goes to the 9th week of the competition.

Where is Thomas Chisholm’s restaurant?

Thomas Chisholm opened his first restaurant Chocho on Rue de Paradis in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. He offers small sophisticated dishes to share with the rest of the table, such as B. a sauce bowl, braised leeks, egg yolks and smoked mousseline or even a teq’paf style ceviche.

Is Thomas Chisholm in a relationship?

Perfectly bilingual, cosmopolitan, into art and hip-hop, Thomas is the guy who takes inspiration from anything, anywhere. In one of his Instagram stories we discover a pretty brunette named Marion, but he has never officially spoken about his private life…

What is his cooking style like?

It’s modern, graphic and minimalist. Art fan in general, Thomas likes it when the plates slam visually. He often builds his dishes from dressage and colors. His “camouflage mustard mackerel” had amazed Thierry Marx when he was working in his brigade. In the first broadcast of top chef, his pumpkin pie revisited allowed him to join Michel Sarran’s brigade. And during the test, in which it was necessary to resort to an unexpected cooking method, he cooked shrimp by thermal shock, pouring a cold, spicy shrimp broth on the bed of hot coarse salt on which they were placed. No limit!

Where can I find his Instagram?

On his Instagram @thomasechisholm, Thomas shares a few recipes, like sardine tarts or yeast whipped cream. We also see him cooking a Catalan ouillade (a traditional dish of meat and vegetables cooked in broth) with his grandmother and rapping in French and English with a friend… Single in sight?

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