Did the author of How to kill her wife act?

Post-traumatic amnesia, gun barrel bought on eBay but can’t be found, multiple death insurance policies: did a 71-year-old American writer accused of oppressing her husband really dare to commit her crime as in the books?

The trial of Nancy Crampton Brophy opened in early April in a court in Portland, Oregon (northwestern United States). But just this week, the author, who specializes in emotional novels with meaningful titles such as “Hell in the Heart” or “The Bad Husband”, was interrogated by the public prosecutor’s office in court, who dealt with his numerous contradictions.

The writer, who notably wrote an essay entitled… “How to Kill Your Husband”, devoted herself to the art and the way to get rid of a spouse without worrying about the law, but she has an answer for everything and denies in the block .

Investigators say Ms Crampton Brophy killed her then 63-year-old cooking husband Daniel in June 2018 to collect payouts on 10 insurance policies totaling $1.4 million. Despite their large debts, the couple paid more than a thousand dollars in premiums every month but didn’t pay off their mortgage, prosecutors pointed out.

Prosecutor Shawn Overstreet questioned Nancy Crampton Brophy, asking her to explain why a security camera filmed her vehicle outside the culinary school where her husband officiated just minutes before he was shot dead with two bullets in a classroom.

The defendant and a psychologist called by the defense countered that she forgot that sequence because of amnesia caused by shock: the news of her husband’s death.

“Pure random”

How can the writer be sure that she didn’t kill her husband before forgetting him for the same reasons? asked the prosecutor. “You were there at the same time that a person shot your husband within six minutes with the exact type of gun you have that is now mysteriously missing,” the prosecutor said, quoted by The Oregonian newspaper.

“I feel like if I had killed him I would know all the details,” Nancy Crampton Brophy replied, believing she happened to be in the neighborhood, no doubt to find inspiration for his work.

And that Glock pistol barrel, purchased on Ebay a few months earlier, which the accused mounted for the police on the body of a firearm of the same model used by the couple as the murder weapon, a barrel which despite an intensive search was never found?

The novelist affirms that she bought this spare part for the sake of realism, as an accessory to writing a book, and that she hasn’t the faintest idea what it could have become.

As for the Glock pistol, she had acquired it so her husband could protect himself when he was gathering mushrooms in the woods, she had previously said.

No date has been set for the end of the process.


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