Fifth. The Prix du Manoir de la Salamandre in Deauville this Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

Direction Deauville this Tuesday, November 29, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté + This event will see the runners of the Prix du Manoir de la Salamandre compete against each other. The race is held over 1900 meters and is endowed with €50,000.

In this case, Forest Of Wisdom (2) is an element of commendable consistency. Titled on the pitch, he has already done well on the PSF. It offers a priori many guarantees before the hour. Nevertheless, there remains, so to speak, a weight reservation regarding his candidacy. He has yet to prove himself at this level. In fact, his only appearance in a major handicap in May ended in failure, Lingering Dream (4) is in fine form. Listed as a monument, this summer it was skilfully designed for handicaps. He shows real competitiveness there and will have many followers at the start of this quinté together with Mickaël Barzalona. She deserves serious credit for her return to PSF as her only appearance on that surface in February 2021 resulted in a first runner-up. Wishuponastar (5) has been clean overall since her debut. Very confirmed on the PSF, it has a very good theoretical chance to defend this Tuesday. However, his partner has to manage the 16 rope, which is not advantageous before the hour mark.The Nepalese (7) recently took advantage of a favorable signing at Lyon-La Soie to return to glory. He returns to the handicaps here, a category in which he has had mixed success in recent weeks. Its weight range is quite small, but a spot remains within reach.

Geny’s secrets

Christopher Ferland: Watch Him (1) has remained good and competitive since his last attempt.

Edward Monfort: Wonder Boy (3) is fine. We’re extending it a bit, so it’s a new test at a distance. I think his last performance at Marseille-Borély shows us that he would play longer now. The horse is fine and should do its job. The only question mark is the distance.

Tony Piccone: Lamento (6) will do well. I like to find him this Tuesday. I drove it in the first semester and I really liked it that day. It has the advantage of being easy to use and robust. He has a priori serious arguments to defend here.

Romain Le Dren Doleuze: Mashmedia (8) retired his quinté this summer, then confirmed despite an upwardly revised figure, but his weight margin has been reduced. However, it remains competitive. He just needs to be comfortable to do his best. I will remove the sheepskins this time as this trick can prove counterproductive in use.

Patrice Cottier: Indian Pacific (9) recently won pleasantly at Marseille-Borély. He still looks just as good. He is well placed on the rope (editor’s note: he inherited box 9). I expect good manners.

Nicholas Kauler: Wallem (10) remains on course for success in a second handicap test. Since then I’ve found him really in top shape. It’s even surprising since it’s “in full swing.” I’m very excited to see him at work here, even if he obviously has to prove his competitiveness with the recent overload.

Bruno Audouin: Lili Blue (11) is well and ready. Alexandra, who is still connected to her, knows her inside out. Now she’s a mare who might lack that extra something to win a straight but should be able to fight for a spot.

Stephane Gouyette: Fayona (12) has certainly not been able to star lately but she did better than the day’s result indicated and just missed out on a better place. He stayed in good shape at the end of the season and doesn’t need to prove himself at this level anymore. We just have to hope for a good run.

Tim Donworth: Hoodwinker (13) was listed at Fontainebleau but dropped out. PSF isn’t really her thing, but she won on this surface in England. I think it’s worth a little more than 37. It was prepared for this race with Allada (listed winner in Lyon on 10/11) so I have an idea of ​​its value.

Axel Baron: Young man (14) no longer has a large selection of programs. Recently, he was not unworthy in a similar lot, not being able to play the main roles. The 5 in the parquet is a priori a good thing. We’ll try to grab a small spot at the end of a good run.

Eric Libaud: Beautiful Aspen (15) turned us around a bit last time! We took it into our own hands a little in training. She is really very good. With the 2 on the rope and aided by wearing Aussie spoons there’s no reason it shouldn’t go well.

Norbert Leender: Ker Welen (16) hasn’t been able to change gears to finish lately, which confirmed my pre-race fears. In fact, given the value that belongs to him, his task is very complicated. In the first test, his margin is frankly non-existent.

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