The security of the power supply has top priority

The security of the power supply is the top priority for the Swiss when it comes to energy. A majority would therefore be willing to accept higher costs and restrictions, both in terms of climate protection and environmental protection.

A survey conducted by the gfs.bern institute on behalf of the Association of Swiss Electricity Companies (AES) shows that a majority of 56% of the population agrees with the current orientation of energy policy.

For 53% of those surveyed, security of supply is the top priority, ahead of climate-neutral energy production (25%) and affordable electricity prices (21%).

In order to increase national production of renewable energy, 67% of respondents would be willing to make concessions on environmental protection. At the same time, 59% would like to see undeveloped land used sparingly.

Hydraulics and photovoltaics praised

Among the technologies deemed relevant for the coming decades, hydropower and photovoltaics are each praised with almost 100% agreement. Almost three quarters of those surveyed also see wind power as a key technology.

According to those surveyed, other renewable energy sources such as geothermal energy, biogas or hydrogen will also gain in importance in the future. However, they are undecided about using gas-fired power plants for emergencies. However, the option to allow the construction of nuclear power plants again does not find a majority.

Promotion of renewable energies

Rather, security of supply should be achieved through the promotion of renewable energies. Almost all those surveyed (97%) rate this option in Switzerland as “rather” or “very good”.

In addition, 85% see renewable energies as active environmental protection. And 70% would even support restricting appeal rights to speed up development. On the other hand, an equally large number of respondents expressed skepticism about the possibility of covering electricity requirements exclusively with renewable energies.

Opinions differ on where the plants should be built. Solar systems on existing infrastructure such as motorways, dams, facades or roofs are undisputed. The construction of large solar systems in the mountains on open grassland is also supported with 51%.

Regarding dams, 65% of the population agrees building them in places where there once was a glacier or in a place where they are melting due to global warming. Although the majority of wind turbines are considered necessary, only a slim majority (55%) would support installing them in a location that can be seen from their own balcony.

For incentives, against bans

According to the survey, a large majority of the population supports the promotion of renewable energies, but also of energy efficiency. Many consumers (89%) find it “good” or “rather good” to invest in energy production themselves.

Tax incentives and incentive taxes with reimbursement to the most efficient are also popular measures (82% and 70%, respectively). Conversely, regulations and bans are much less appreciated (46%).

The survey was conducted online and by telephone among 1,016 people who were fluent in at least one of the country’s three main languages.


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