The pressure of the return is over, Danitsa wants to have fun at Festi’neuch


On Saturday 11 June, the singer from Geneva will be presenting “Sycle” in Neuchâtel, which was released four long years after her first album. Interview.

Interview: Laurent Flückiger Shooting and editing: Yvan Golaz

At the end of May, Danitsa won a second Swiss Music Award. A reward that proves that, even if four years passed between her two albums “Ego” and “Sycle” – too long a time for her taste – the Genevan was not forgotten and her talent, which was promising at the time, did not leave her. With packed houses on both sides of the Saane, the 27-year-old artist will present his ‘Swiss Army Knife’ musical style on Saturday 11 June ahead of SCH and Justice on the main stage of Festi’neuch. To meet.

Soul, funk, reggae, pop-rock, trap, hip-hop… You have a variety of styles. Is it an asset or a handicap?

An advantage. I come from the crossroads: I am French, Serbian, Chadin, Congolese, Spanish. It’s the same with my music. I try to mix all these styles and make it a swiss army knife. But returning after a four-year absence made me doubt. I released my first album “Ego”, whose “Captain” sound was well received in Switzerland. After that I decided to travel and do several studio sessions in Ghana, Berlin, Paris, London and mainly Los Angeles. I put a lot of pressure on myself with this comeback, I worried if I would succeed or not, I worried if the people who have been listening to me for several years will appreciate what I do. When I released Sycle six months ago, it was a release. Today I begin to calmly defend my project.

For “Sycle” you signed with Island, the historic label of Bob Marley, U2 or Amy Winehouse. what did it get you

A big change. About thirty people work with me now, and that’s really cool. I have teams for advertising, marketing, communication etc. They are experienced people who help me to make a project a success.

And who is looking for a return on investment?

Oh yes! (She laughs.) When you sign with a big label like Iceland, money is invested. Making music is a business. There is an expected rate of return.

Is it extra pressure?

no I’m still a 100% freelance artist. Making music is sometimes successful, sometimes not. I’m waiting for the next hit, aren’t I? I’m having fun at the moment. The most important thing is to find myself on stage, doing festivals, sharing with the public and receiving maximum physical love.

In a series of videos released by the Geneva Creative Music Association for its awareness campaign #payyourartistwitness rowing again.

You should know that I don’t have an artist contract with Iceland, but a distributor. I’m still with the Evidence Music label and have been for ten years. If I compare my fees in Switzerland with those of my French artist colleagues, for example, they are certainly more important, but that’s not enough to make music. You earn money to reinvest in your own project. Luckily there are grants.

What are your concerts like?

On this tour I will be accompanied by three musicians, a pianist, a drummer and a guitarist. We are ten in total. It’s the first time we are so many and I have an audio engineer. Danitsa, there is a lot of energy on stage, interaction with the audience, we dance, we have fun, I make funny jokes. It’s fire what!

Have you evolved a lot on stage since your first tour?

Yes! When I started I was paralyzed. In 2018 I had a hundred dates with my little brother. It was he who, after watching videos of Tyler, The Creator by Pharrell Williams, taught me how to interact with viewers, move and be myself. Today I’m always stressed before I go on stage, but as soon as the concert starts I feel really comfortable.

Are you already working on a next project?

Yes, I learned from my mistakes. You can lose an audience in four years. I’m working on a third project which will be an EP or an album. I have many studio sessions in Switzerland and France, with many interesting features that I am still keeping secret. I went back to Danitsa Shanna – my first name – since I started. I grew up listening to reggae and hip hop and I feel like I’m reconnecting with myself.

Who got you into reggae?

My father. He is a reggae producer and sound engineer. (Note: under the name Skankytone). We started making music together when I was 10 and haven’t stopped since.

Festi’neuch, Neuchâtel Openair Festival, from Thursday 9th to Sunday 12th June. The information:

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