ASSE said goodbye to Ligue 1 in the chaos

A fatal penalty shoot-out, an invasion of the pitch by smoke bombs and scuffles outside the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium: Saint-Étienne, beaten 1-1 (5-4) by Auxerre on Sunday, bowed out in Ligue 1 biggest mess.

After Auxerrois Birama Touré’s last successful shot on goal, tantamount to winning the Burgundians, who returned to Ligue 1 after a ten-year absence, the field was inundated by thousands of angry fans. Some sent pyrotechnic devices towards the police-protected official platform.

The Saint-Etienne players, surrounded by the stewards, immediately rushed to the dressing room like the other players in the game.

“After the game I freaked out because I used tear gas canisters like my players,” commented Jean-Marc Furlan, Auxerre coach. “We counted ourselves to find out if anything was missing. These incidents are very sad.”

According to the Loire Prefecture, two Auxerre players were slightly injured in the scuffle and the Geoffroy Guichard stadium is again facing serious sanctions, despite being on probation for being a repeat offender of this type of incident.

On Sunday, the Snella grandstand was closed following incidents during Monaco’s reception on April 23, a sanction that did not contain incidents at the end of the game.

tear gas and water cannon

Security forces also entered the field and fired tear gas to disperse the crowd while panicked movements shook the stands. And clashes outside the stadium continued, necessitating the use of tear gas and a water cannon, the prefecture said, adding that the riots stopped at 11:15 p.m.

The toll adds up to 14 minor injuries among the police and 17 among supporters, “including three who were taken to hospital for control”, according to the Loire Prefect Catherine Séguin, who condemned “these unacceptable, irresponsible and undignified acts”. According to them, the 1,154 Auxerre supporters and then the players were able to leave the stadium under police escort from midnight.

The mayor of Saint-Etienne, Gaël Perdriau, expressed his “sadness” caused by the “relegation to Ligue 2 of the ASSE” and condemned the “dangerous actions involving direct fire from smoke bombs aimed at the public (…), as well as damage and acts of vandalism.

Relegation punished Saint-Étienne, who after a draw in Nantes (1-1) on the 38th and last matchday of the championship in extremis had gotten the right to play-offs, with relegation a fateful season.

Over the season, ASSE only managed 32 points, which in most cases could have sent him straight to Ligue 2. The miracle hoped for with the arrival of Pascal Dupraz, who had already helped save Toulouse (2016), or Évian-Thonon-Gaillard (2014), not the desired effect.

Saint-Étienne have not won in their last eight games, losing four and drawing four, the last of which ended in a disastrous penalty shoot-out.

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