Implenia wins two major orders in western Switzerland

Ignazio Cassis finished his tour of Switzerland by train in Lausanne on Monday August 1st. The Federal President visited the Museumsquartier, Platform 10, before going to Ouchy for the official ceremony.

As an exception, the presidential train stopped directly between the two buildings of the museum center on the edge of Lausanne station. Accompanied by the President of the Vaud State Council, Christelle Luisier, Ignazio Cassis was received by the trustee Grégoire Junod to applause from the audience.

Bring together

In front of around 600 people and under the blazing sun, the Federal President underlined the symbolic dimension of his stepping onto platform 10 and emphasized the role of culture as a unifying element. “That’s what I wanted to do today,” he said.

“My trip today has allowed me to traverse a piece of national history. In these turbulent times, I wanted to connect symbolic places that have experienced crises and, above all, reconciliation at different times,” emphasized the Federal President in his speech.

And to remember that he had left Lugano to join Knonau (ZH), where he shared a farmer’s brunch about the historic lands of the Sonderbund War. In Granges (SO), the PLR ​​immersed itself in the memory of the 1918 general strike, an episode that led to industrial peace in 1937, “another strong element of national identity”.

Finally, a stop at the station of Yverdon-les-Bains (VD) allowed him to embark a “beautiful Vaud delegation”. These included members of the youth council, whose strong commitment he emphasized.

Everything can change

“These defining moments in Swiss history remind us that peace and stability are fragile and that we must take care of them, including at home its millions of exiled women and children.

Ignazio Cassis said he was convinced that today’s world needs more “Swissness”. Even divided, the Swiss know how to stay united, he noted. “Stay united: this is what we learned in the heart of Europe, on our territory, a meeting point between four languages ​​and as many cultures.”

Neutral but not indifferent

He added that he was committed to “promoting Switzerland, as was the case in Lugano at the conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine or in the Security Council. Switzerland is acting, it is neutral but not indifferent,” he stressed.

And finally, a word from former Federal Councilor Jean-Pascal Delamuraz, who said the Swiss get along well because they don’t get along. “It’s a bit true… but not only!” he smiled. And to pay tribute to the fabulous talent of the Swiss “for dialogue and the search for compromise”.

number selfies

His message to the canton of Vaud, where he continued his medical training: “Given the global geopolitical situation, it will be a matter of getting used to living in a little more uncertainty,” he explained on the sidelines of the event. And thinking about how to use less energy or avoid wasting food. This without panic: the authorities are working, he assured.

During the meeting with the population, the Federal President devoted himself to the selfie game for a long time. He then continued with the railway theme of the day, visiting the “Train Zug Treno Tren” exhibitions at the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts and the two recently opened institutions mudac (design) and Photo Elysée. The three museums were accessible free of charge on the occasion of the national holiday.

Official party in Ouchy

The president’s motorcade was then to drive to Ouchy for the official speeches and fireworks display “before leaving for New York for a few days tomorrow.”

Ignazio Cassis accepted the invitation of the city of Lausanne. Under the aegis of its trustee Grégoire Junod, the latter has been inviting the federal councilors responsible for the federal presidency to the national holiday in the Olympic capital for several years.

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